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The Sinking of Khrima occurred in what had once been Khrima Island on the Eastern Isles in 1017 AE. When the Fellowship of Alent entered the Syndicate Temple hidden deep within Khrima to retrieve a magic stone and free the entrapped prophet Zeranafska, they also ended up releasing the Watcher, a fusion of an earth and water elemental, which had acted as Zeranafska's guardian and jailer. The elemental initially gave chase to the fellowship but then vanished beneath the waves, causing a magical shockwave which ended up ripping Khrima apart from the Grand Eastern Isle, sank it and forced the itica who had stayed on Khrima to evacuate their home. As a result of the sinking, the Grand Eastern Isle lost one third of its landmass, and the Syndicate Temple sank into the ocean with it.

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