Silverbranch Clan
Geographic Information
Base Maar Sul City (Third Age)
Societal Information
Founder Lassiter Silverbranch
Current head Despard Silverbranch
Race(s) Humans
Historical Information

The Silverbranch Clan is a family whose roots go back to the First Age. Its members have included famous mages, rogues and warriors and have played key roles in the Grandbell Civil War, the founding of Aison, and healing Yamato from the Landpoison through the planting of the Silverbranch Tree.

Family treeEdit

  • Ivy had an affair with Khasra III while being married to Despard, and their son Liosliath was adopted into the Silverbranch Clan. Grady's and Geraud's spirits fused with the Silver Branch to create the Silverbranch Tree.

Lassiter Silverbranch
Several generations
Grady Silverbranch
Alain Silverbranch
Despard Silverbranch
Several generations
Geraud Aurelac
Ayna Silverbranch
Khasra III
Ivy Silverbranch
Silverbranch Tree
Liosliath Silverbranch,
adoptive son

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