Shajar Locken
Status: Dead
Age: 70 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Sarquil
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Nation: Libaterra
Faction: House of Locken
Era: Third Age

Shajar Locken née al-Durr was the Queen of Libaterra, the Second Consort of King Baal Locken, and mother of Second Prince Sargon Locken in the Third Age. Given the descriptions in the chronicles about her exotic looks, fiery temper and combat skills, she may have come from nomadic warrior tribes who eventually became known as the Sarquil. Shajar did not get along with Queen Julia Locken, the First Consort of King Baal, and she passed on this animosity to her son Sargon who would fight his half-brother, First Prince Hamilcar Locken, for the throne after Baal's passing.

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Shajar Locken
House of Locken
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Queen of Libaterra
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