The Seven Sisters are demon succubi who are siblings and elite assassins and infiltrators employed by the Eastern Horde. They're the eldest children of Jahi Gallu.


Can control people's minds and force them into her obedient, mindless slaves. She's obsessed with wealth and slaves, wishing nothing more than to see the entire world under demon rule.
A strikingly beautiful succubus whose modus operandi is to slay anyone she deems more beautiful than she is. She's also a master manipulator and can turn most people against each other if she so desires.
A more robust succubus than her sisters, she can stretch her mouth wide and swallow many people whole at once. She's also very skilled in tracking her prey down by their scent.
Shags the life out of any male or female victim she comes across. She has often seduced people from opposite camps and gained valuable intel that way and derives enjoyment from inflicting both pleasure and pain.
The leader of the group who answers directly to Nina. Treats everyone, even her superiors, with disdain and wishes to become a Dreadlady and eventually an archdemon.
A powerful mage whose spells can kill anything that moves in her presence. She's often lazy, but whenever she happens to become active, destruction will follow in her wake.
An angry succubus who can split her arms into four and can also extend her nails to use as deadly swords. Has nearly impenetrable skin.

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