This article is about the Second Great War. For the first Great War, see Great War.
Second Great War
Date 1017 AE
Location Worldwide
Result Demon hordes' victory, dissolution of the Crimson Coalition and the Grand Alliance, founding of new kingdoms.
Flag-maarsul Grand Alliance

Flag-blades Blades of Vigilance
Flag-churchcardia Church of the Memory of Cardia
Flag-maarsul Maar Sul
Flag-scundia Scundia Loyalists
Flag-karaganda Sultanate of Karaganda
Clergy of Hephaestus

GA affiliated
Flag-akaitora Akai Tora
Flag-blackhunters Black Hunters
Blades of Lysse
Clergy of Shakkan
Flag-akaitora Forgotten
Flag-magestar Magestar
Flag-magicalent Magicracy of Alent
Union Workers

Flag-crimsoncoalition Crimson Coalition

Flag-rebels Rebels
Flag-totenkopfs Totenkopfs
Flag-proninist Proninist Party
Flag-clergyartemicia Clergy of Artemicia
Clergy of Nergal
Dark Elves
Flag-nightstalkers Nightstalkers

CC affiliated
Flag-dwarventriad Dwarven Triad
Flag-blackrose Order of the Black Rose

Demon hordes

Flag-easternhorde Eastern Horde
Flag-northernhorde Northern Horde
Flag-southernhorde Southern Horde
Flag-westernhorde Western Horde
Flag-clergymarduk Clergy of Mardük

Independent Flag-bluedragon Blue Dragon
Clergy of Dionysus
Clergy of Laverna
Clergy of Tiamat
Flag-greycult Grey Cult
Flag-greyguard Grey Guard
Tga crestmatheson Matheson Crime Family
Red Sun
Flag-trueaurelac True Aurelac
Flag-whiteraven White Ravens
Sirithai renegades
Thistle Grove
Several mercenary companies


Flag-maarsul Marcus Sarillius
Flag-maarsul Gerard Aurelac
Flag-blades Axikasha Keiran
Flag-churchcardia Jonathan Ferron
Flag-scundia Khasra III
Flag-karaganda Khalid al-Saif

GA affiliated
Flag-akaitora Hiroshi Takamoto
Flag-blackhunters Yousei Kaizoku
Big Sal
Flag-akaitora Alathor
Flag-magestar Josiah Amdusias
Flag-magicalent Jemuel


Flag-rebels Glaurung Losstarot
Flag-totenkopfs Kamen Grimgaze
Flag-totenkopfs Drishnek
Flag-proninist Andrei Pronin 
Flag-proninist Boris Ivanov
Flag-clergyartemicia Adela al-Saif
Flag-nightstalkers Nivek Cheavin

CC affiliated
Flag-dwarventriad Triune
Flag-blackrose Belial de Ardyn 
Flag-blackrose Koschei Dravaris

Demon hordes

Flag-easternhorde Vaetris L'andariel
Flag-northernhorde Malphas d'Xuvadon
Flag-southernhorde Hepnaz L'invrad 
Flag-southernhorde Nina L'andariel
Flag-westernhorde Pazuzu
Flag-clergymarduk Distreyd XIII

Flag-bluedragon Kuro Tori
Flag-greycult Godslayer
Flag-greycult Xerathas d'Zarnagon
Flag-greyguard Helena the Grey
Tga crestmatheson Vesuvius Matheson
Mother Superior
Flag-trueaurelac Geraden Aurelac
Flag-whiteraven Dylas Rin Theron
Arbriel Conrad
Essence in Light
Watcher in Darkness
The Director

Second Great War

2nd Dar'Cenrath · Doomgaze Pass · 3rd Remonton · 2nd Sanae

Maar Sul

2nd Maar Sul City · 1st Jardine · 2nd Victoire · Port Dunross · 2nd Jardine


Xibalba · 1st Vanna · 2nd Vanna · Steelfall · Hidefall · Malperdy · Rivers · Survivor's Woods · Ukrainia · Threshold · Den of Chaos · Alent


Tel'Elee · Treetop Village · 2nd Magestar


2nd Vulpengaard Keep · Shipwreck Cove · Devilfish Strait · Otoineppu · Hephaisteion

The Second Great War was a world-wide conflict that was fought in 1017 AE in the Third Age although the roots of the conflict traced back all the way to the Cataclysm. It involved many major and minor factions on several continents, the most prominent armies belonging to the Grand Alliance led by King Marcus Sarillius, the Crimson Coalition led by Warlady Glaurung Losstarot, the demon hordes of Yamato led by Duchess Vaetris L'andariel and three other archdemons, and the Grey Cult led by the Godslayer. Due to constant shifts in the balance of power and the involvement of several other factions in the conflict, the Second Great War ended up being far less clear-cut than its more straightforward and less morally grey predecessor, the First Great War. It was thus sometimes colloquially referred to as the Clusterfuck War. The war came to an abrupt end because of the Catastrophe which wiped out many of the armies and left demons, albeit weakened, as the biggest victors in the following devastation. Much of the last days of the war remains unknown to the world at large, however, due to the side effect caused by the creation of the Anomaly which caused mysterious mass amnesia on people at ground zero in Alent.


See: Remonton Summit

A summit was held in Remonton in the early spring of 1017 AE, 11 years after the Cataclysm. The summit's purpose was to unite several formerly Alliance-affiliated factions in Remon into a new Grand Alliance led by the returned King Marcus Sarillius. The rising threats of the Proninist Party and the Totenkopfs, who had been threatening both Remon and Maar Sul, had prompted Marcus to ask several Remonian stewards to come to his aid in saving Maar Sul from the Proninists who were now invading it. Meanwhile the Blades of Vigilance led by Axikasha Keiran would conduct spy and military operations against the Totenkopfs so that tragedies such as the Second Battle of Remonton would never happen again.


First BattlesEdit

Marcus and delegates from most of the factions were successful in forming a new Grand Alliance at the summit. The new Alliance aligned itself with Maar Sul, and marched to Maar Sul to liberate it from the Proninists who had recently taken over several key cities there. The Alliance retaliation force from Remon entered Maar Sulais soil and engaged Proninists in battle, thus forcing them to retreat, which helped Maar Sulais strike a heavy blow at the Proninist army in the Second Battle of Maar Sul which led to the capture of the Proninist leader Andrei Pronin.

The Proninists, weakened by having faced the Alliance which had come to Maar Sul's aid, formed a partnership with the Totenkopfs who contacted them with an offer to meet up in Trinity Gask and talk with the Rebels led by Warlady Glaurung Losstarot. The three factions came to terms and formed an alliance of their own, the Crimson Coalition, to counter the might of the Grand Alliance and focused their efforts on hampering both the Alliance and the Magicracy of Alent.

These events lit the flames of a new, world-wide conflict which would soon involve several other armies and factions consisting between anything from demons to other races from various kingdoms. The Second Great War had begun.

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