This article is about the Second Battle of Victoire. For a list of other battles around or inside the city, see Battle of Victoire.
Second Battle of Victoire
Date 1016 AE
Location Victoire, Maar Sul
Result Proninist Party victory
Flag-proninist Proninist Party Flag-maarsul Maar Sul
Flag-proninist Andrei Pronin
Flag-proninist Boris Ivanov
Flag-maarsul Khasra III
Flag-maarsul Steve
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The Second Battle of Victoire took place around the city of Victoire in 1016 AE, a few days after the Proninist Party had conquered Scundia. The Proninists and the forces of Maar Sul clashed, and in the end the Proninists were victorious and secured Victoire as their newest stronghold.


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The Proninist Party had conquered Scundia and was now moving into the Maar Sulais heartlands. Gerard Aurelac, Leon Alcibiates and Khasra III anticipated the move, though, and planned to intercept the Proninists and wipe them out before they could take over Victoire which was of strategic importance to the kingdom.


An army of Maar Sulais knights, accompanied by Khasra III and Steve, engaged Proninist forces in a pincer move, hoping to push the Proninists against the walls of Victoire and crush them there. However, the Proninists had prepared for this as the Maar Sulais forces came under attack from the rear, and the new Proninist reinforcements forced the Maar Sulais knights to flee.


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The victorious Proninists quickly took over Victoire and thus prevented Maar Sul from driving them off their soil. Now that the Proninists had secured the city and took its resources, they began a year-long war of attrition which would culminate in the devastating Second Battle of Maar Sul.

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