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This article is about the Second Battle of Magestar. For a list of other battles around or inside the city, see Battle of Magestar.
Second Battle of Magestar
Part of Second Great War
Date 1017 AE
Location Magestar, Aison
Result Magestar victory
Grey Cult Grey Cult
Totenkopfs Totenkopfs
Magestar Magestar
Black Hunters Black Hunters
Fellowship of Alent
Grey Cult Xerathas d'Zarnagon
Grey Cult Varalia Earthhaven (POW)
Magestar Amy
Magestar Josiah Amdusias
Black Hunters Yousei Kaizoku
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The Second Battle of Magestar was fought in 1017 AE between Magestar and an alliance consisting of Grey Cult and Totenkopfs. The Cult, led by High Prophet Xerathas d'Zarnagon who was under the Totenkopfs' influence, attempted to take over Magestar and seize the ancient tomes within. The Cult's plan were ultimately foiled when the Fellowship of Alent managed to save the Magestar masters and disrupted the Cult's control over enslaved demons who then turned against the Cult and forced its members to flee. In the aftermath the Totenkopfs' power over the Grey Cult had ended, several rampaging demons now forced the Cult to hunt them down, and Magestar had been heavily damaged and would have to rebuild its defenses.

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