This article is about the Second Battle of Maar Sul. For a list of other battles around or inside the city, see Battle of Maar Sul.

Second Battle of Maar Sul
Date 1017 AE
Location Maar Sul City, Maar Sul
Result Maar Sulais victory
Flag-proninist Proninist Party Flag-maarsul Maar Sul
Flag-scundia Scundia Loyalists
Flag-proninist Andrei Pronin (POW) 
Flag-proninist Boris Ivanov
Flag-proninist Pavel Serdiuk
Flag-maarsul Gerard Aurelac
Flag-scundia Khasra III
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The Second Battle of Maar Sul took place in Maar Sul City in 1017 AE. The Proninist Party tried to take over the city but was lured into a trap and eventually beaten back by armed Maar Sulais forces, including SAVAGE. Andrei Pronin, the leader of the Proninists, was captured during this battle after he had a duel with King Gerard Aurelac. Pronin's unexpected death in captivity made the Proninists elect a new leader: General Boris Ivanov. Most of the Proninist forces retreated to Eastern Maar Sul after the battle and joined the Crimson Coalition.

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