This article is about the Second Battle of Lea Monde. For a list of other battles around or inside the city, see Battle of Lea Monde.
Second Battle of Lea Monde
Date 33 ASS
Location Lea Monde, Miletos
Result Grand Alliance victory (sort of)
Grand Alliance
Kagetsu I 
Arawn Losstarot 

The Second Battle of Lea Monde was the final battle of the Arawn Losstarot War in the Second Age which took place in and around the revived city of Lea Monde. The armies of the Grand Alliance and Andain led by Agarwaen and Kagetsu I and Taliesin fought fiercely against the Mullencamp army of the infamous warlock Arawn Losstarot. Kagetsu took Krystallopyr and, invested with the combined power of every living Andain, used it to fight Arawn. Even so, Arawn still almost won. Kagetsu had to throw his own lifeforce into Krystallopyr. This resulted in the shattering of Krystallopyr which caused the Explosion and ended the war.

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