Sebastian Locken
Status: Dead
Age: 70 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Bard
Nation: Libaterra
Faction: House of Locken
Era: Third Age

Sebastian Locken was the King of Libaterra who ruled from Lutherin in the Third Age. He was the husband of Queen Honoria Locken and father of Samiel Locken who later succeeded him to the throne. In his youth Sebastian had an affair with the nymph Huldra with whom he had a daughter, Serene, although she was never officially recognized as a member of the House of Locken due to being viewed as a halfbreed bastard. Sebastian felt guilt over having to abandon his lover and their daughter because of traditions and expectations, and he died of a broken heart in an advanced age after having lived many decades in a long, loveless marriage with Queen Honoria.

The last years of Sebastian's reign were already showing first signs of trouble as he neglected the needs of his poorer subjects while the ambitions of his younger brother, Prince Ferdinand Locken, grew. These troubles would intensify during the reign of Sebastian's heir, King Samiel, eventually leading to the kingdom being divided between the Locken Loyalists and the Rebels in the Libaterran Civil War.

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Sebastian Locken
House of Locken
898 AE Died: 968 AE
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Stefan Locken
King of Libaterra
923 AE968 AE
Succeeded by
Samiel Locken
Libaterran royalty
Preceded by
Stefan Locken
Prince of Libaterra
898 AE923 AE
Succeeded by
Samiel Locken

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