Sara Merrier
Status: Alive
Age: 70
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Thief
Nation: Libaterra
Fellowship of Hidefall
Union Workers

Sara Merrier is a half-elven member of the Union Workers and half-sister of Tara Merrier. She knows Raul Emmenson well and has often worked with him. She is an expert at using explosives and tends to blush at times. She accompanied Raul and the Fellowship of Hidefall to Malperdy and witnessed events surrounding Haruko Mizushima. After the Battle of Malperdy, she travelled with Raul back to Hidefall where Raul sent her on a secret assignment.


Sara is a half-elf, having shared Tara's elven father. She's also green-eyed, but her hair is a dirty brownish-blonde, and her face is much less attended to. Her hair is messily cut just short of her face in front, and it extends as it goes back. Still relatively young for a half-elf, Sara has a smooth face that's not nearly as sharp as Tara's. It's not unhealthy or fatty, but her face is smooth and unremarkable. She's a little shorter than average.

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