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Sand gnome
Basic Information
Type(s) Humanoid
Lifespan 100 years
Region(s) Libaterra (Third Age)
Language(s) Gnomish
Height Short
Weight Light
Skin color Dark
Hair color Grey to black
Distinctions Cruel, territorial, weak, attack in groups
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Sand gnomes are small and mischievious creatures who somewhat look like tiny dwarves. They are often brownish in colour, clad in loin cloths and act like angry brutes who hunt their prey in the harsh Tronin Desert in Southern Libaterra in the Third Age. Despite their ferocious nature, they can be subdued somewhat easily by any competent adventuring group, assuming the gnomes don't swarm the group first. Their meat is also said to be delicious, and Sand Gnome Legs are a favoured delicacy among certain people.

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