Sand Family
Geographic Information
Base Vanna (Third Age)
Societal Information
Current head Farah Sand
Race(s) Humans
Ethnic group(s) Simoe
Historical Information

The Sand Family is from Libaterra, originating as members of a Simoe tribe living near the Simoe Gorge who were taken to the Tronin Desert to serve the Sarquil rulers of Vanna as members of their Black Guard. The family rose to high positions within the Black Guard over the following decades, becoming captains of the guard and respected figures of authority within the court until the Battle of Vanna when the Sarquil and their slaves were driven out of the desert by the Northern Horde. The present head and only known surviving member of the family is Farah Sand in the Fourth Age.

Family treeEdit

  • dotted lines indicate affairs
Ibrahim Sand
Hajar Sand
Ishaq Sand
Ismail Sand
Jamila Sand
Razoul Sand
Farah Sand

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