Status: Dead
Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Sul'gar Minh
Faction: Sul'gar Minh
Era: Mists of Time
"My Queen commands that I am to be executed at once. There is a change coming over her, and I would sooner die at the command of the Queen I yet love than watch her become a person I do not."
—Roderick about Maleah

Sir Roderick was the First Knight and occasional lover of Queen Maleah of Sul'gar Minh. When he stopped a ploy by a trade consortium to assassinate the queen by slaying the would-be assassin, the queen, seeing only a childhood friend die, refused to believe the truth and began blaming Roderick for killing her friend. This vehemence grew enough that the queen, in a fit of rage, wished the knight to die. Roderick came to believe Maleah meant what she was saying and ordered his own execution. Maleah eventually came to his senses but by that time it was too late to save her lover. Her anger turned to grief over Roderick'a death and eventually led her descending into madness, which would be the beginning of the downfall of Sul'gar Minh.

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