The Remonton Summit was a meeting between several Remonian representatives and Maar Sulais delegates which took place in Remonton in early spring of 1017 AE. Marcus Sarillius, the King of Remon who had been missing since the Cataclysm, had returned to the kingdom to rally people behind him to form a new Grand Alliance. His intention for doing so was to help unite the Remonian races of humans, elves and dwarves under one banner once more and also aid Maar Sul against the army of the Proninist Party, which was terrorizing the Maar Sulais countryside, and against the Totenkopfs, who were still out large after having decimated Remonton a year earlier.

The talks were ultimately successful with many parties pledging themselves to aid King Marcus's cause, one of the notable exceptions being Dylas Rin Theron and his White Ravens. As a result of the summit, the Grand Alliance was formed anew under Marcus's leadership and marched to Maar Sul to aid King Gerard Aurelac in liberating the land from the Proninist menace, an act which would prompt the Alliance's enemies to join forces and become known as the Crimson Coalition. Marcus was kidnapped by the Grey Cult's strike force at the end of the summit, prompting a group of adventurers to retrieve him from kidnappers who had fled to the Ruined Kingdom, which would lead to the Second Battle of Dar'Cenrath.

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