Red Bells are strange flowers related to White Flames and Yellow Tears. They can only be found in the Meadow of Red Bells which is located between Codael Lake and Myrael Toria in Folsworth Woods. The flowers look red and ordinary, but when it gets windy, they start producing humming sounds. The melody is quite beautiful, and it has the effect of hypnotizing those who hear it. The hypnosis lasts only a couple of minutes, but it leaves travellers in danger because they cannot defend themselves while they are in that trance-like state.

Once travellers have heard the humming sound once, they become immune to it and can travel through the meadow freely without any incident. The humming of the Red Bells cannot be blocked by putting something into one's ears; the frequency of the humming seems to affect even those who try not to listen to the melody. Elves of Folsworth Woods are taken to the meadow when they are young with elves who have already become immune to the humming sound, and that is how they minimize the risks if they ever need to travel through the meadow for whatever reason.

The Fellowship of Tes Pellaria had to cross the Meadow of Red Bells to get to the Beastmaster's hideout during the Beastmaster Incident. Jhain and Krisler Garside acted as their guides because they were the only ones in the group who were immune to the melody. The Beastmaster had counted on this, however, and sent his assassins led by Azrael to kill the heroes while they were hypnotized by the Red Bells. This plan nearly succeeded, but intervention from the elves and Refan d'Zarnagon (whose half-demon heritage allowed him to wake up from the trance faster) saved the day.

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