Razravkar Dominus
Status: Dead
Age: 116 (at time of death)
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Necromancer
Nation: Yamato
Era: Third Age
"You spoke of the ultimate price, meaning death. No, fool, there is another price which is far worse than death."
—Razravkar Dominus to Edward Cullen

Razravkar Dominus was an elven necromancer and a mercenary. He escaped from demon slavery in Yamato and ended up doing odd jobs for various factions ranging from the Totenkopfs to Union Workers while also seeking items of great power. He helped the Dresdens repel a demon invasion in Illunii, interfered in the Day of the Damned ritual in Reign and later helped free the goddess Laverna from the body of Haruko Mizushima in Malperdy. He ended up in the centre of many plots while being chased by the Anti Mage Police who believed he had murdered one of their operatives. Razravkar's continued use of the power of the mysterious Watcher in Darkness eventually drove him insane and made him do reckless things, which resulted in him getting killed in an explosive tricycle accident in Alent during the King and Queen's Ball.


Early YearsEdit

Razravkar grew up in Yamato where he was a slave. He was trained in magic by a minor demon who sought to use him as a rival. Said demon probably shouldn't have taught him the invisibility spell, mentioned that it worked on demons, and then let him test it, but that demon wasn't the brightest tool in the shed anyway. Using his powers to escape from slavery, Razravkar wandered off into the civilized lands to work as a mercenary and look for items of power.

At some point he saved a girl named Lily from a life in prostitution, and they eventually got married. They lived happily for a while until Lily was murdered by the paladin Andronus Callente, which made Razravkar cruelly avenge her death by trapping Andronus's soul into a magical sickle. The act set him on the path of becoming a ruthless mercenary.

Godslayer EraEdit

The Point of No ReturnEdit

"We know what you did to Sir Andronus. I know those weapons require the death of a godly man to be empowered, and that particular weapon is keeping his soul in torment."
"Then you must also know what Andronus did to my wife."
"Of course we know. But to act on that would have scandalized the church, my dear little elf. You were warned not to press the matter, but to defy us so openly? I can just imagine the fate the Sultana has planned for you now. It won't be pleasant."
Aluette and Razravkar

Razravkar found his way to Alent where he spent some time studying magic and doing odd jobs for money. One day he sneaked into the residence of Edward Cullen, a mage he despised, and ended up witnessing Rain and Razoul taking Cullen hostage. Razravkar became curious of what the two warriors had in mind for Cullen, so he followed them unseen into the secret passage which led from Cullen's house into the catacombs below Alent.

In the catacombs he stumbled upon an odd scene: a field of strange, magical garlic and Drishnek, a masked, seemingly eccentric mage in yellow who was responsible for growing the garlic. Drishnek sensed Razravkar's presence and invited him to join the others for some soup eating. Razravkar accepted the offer, curious albeit wary of finding out what would happen next.

The necromancer didn't have to wait long before Drishnek revealed his true colours: the masked mage made Rain and Razoul fall under his spell with the magical garlic and revealed that he had been behind the attack on the camp of the Grand Alliance some time ago. Cullen was in fact one of Drishek's acolytes and they both belonged to the Totenkopfs, a death cult which was a mortal enemy of the Grand Alliance.

Drishnek's magic didn't effect Razravkar or at least not immediately, however, and he made the necromancer a tempting offer: if Razravkar escorted the now hypnotized Rain and Razoul of the lair, delivered Drishnek's message to his imprisoned minion Cain Highwind and then returned Cain's answer without tipping off the Alliance, Drishnek would reward Razravkar handsomely. Although the necromancer wondered why Drishnek didn't kill him and the two warriors then and there for discovering the hideout, he was still curious enough about the whole scheme and wanted the money, so he took the job.

Razravkar located Cain and got instructed where to deliver the note: a local brothel called the Garden of Earthly Delights. Once inside the brothel, the sight of prostitutes made him reminisce about his dead wife Lily until he met Zenobia, the agent he was supposed to give the letter to. When they retreated to a nearby room where Razravkar was to receive his payment, they were ambushed by Cullen who held a grudge against Razravkar who had made fun of him in front of Drishnek. Cullen swore to make the elf pay for such mockery and attacked him, but in the end the necromancer beat him and trapped his soul into the magical sickle.

The necromancer then led Rain and Razoul back to the Alliance camp but did so by disguising himself as a member of the Black Guard so that people wouldn't recognize him. However, he was ambushed by Aluette, a female inquisitor of Artemicia, who sought retribution against Razravkar killing her comrade Andronus years ago. The paldin put the still disguised Razravkar into a carriage and hurried away from Alent with her prized cargo.

However, the event had been witnessed, and soon the Black Guard was alerted about the kidnapping of one of their comrades. Captain Razoul gathered a search party and went after the kidnapper, unaware that the kidnapped Black Guard was in fact Razravkar in disguise. The group eventually located the paladin and Razravkar and attacked her, freeing Razravkar in the process. They were soon attacked by members of the Clergy of Nergal, however, and barely beat them, but the Artemician paladin slipped away in the ensuing chaos.

Once the battle was over, the group decided to head for a nearby forest to heal their wounds and hide from any other pursuers while pondering why clerics of Nergal who belonged to the Crimson Coalition could have appeared so far into Alentian territory without having been stopped by the Alentian army. Razravkar introduced himself to his new, temporary companions although he kept the details of his short servitude to Drishnek a secret. It was somewhat surreal for him to be talking to Razoul and Rain, the people he had saved from the catacombs earlier, and he also came to know their companion who introduced himself as Raul Emmenson, member of a secretive order of thieves known as the Union Workers.

Soon after the introductions were over, the group was ambushed by elven rangers led by Lieutenant Geras Sylevar. He took the group captive and led them to the hidden elven city of Illunii where they would be judged for trespassing in sacred elven grounds.

Fool's ErrandEdit

The party reached Illunii, and Raul did his best to secretly start mapping the city he'd never been in before. He noted how badly defended the city was and that it'd be possible for the Union to infiltrate it sometime in the future, just in case the Union needed intel on the elves.

They were escorted to nearby houses where they'd stay in as the elves' prisoners until they were summoned to the Eternal Court which would decide their fates. While there, they met with two other captives, a paladin named Nesa Mikoto and a white mage named Unithien Greyrain who also turned out to be members of the Alliance who had been travelling north until the elves had captured them too. Nesa advised the group to be patient because sooner or later the court would summon them. He also suggested that they should prepare an escape plan if things turned nasty; whatever the court decided, Nesa was adamant that he would not remain the elves' prisoner for the rest of his days.

While Razravkar remained behind to get proper treatment for his wounds, the rest of the party was eventually summoned to the house of a local noble named Thanatos Barca who knew that they wanted to leave the forest alive. He made them a deal: he'd help sway the court to let them go, but in exchange the party would have to bring back his missing daughter Persephone Barca who had last been seen in Etheril. Having not much of a choice, the party agreed to Thanatos's terms.

The party was then escorted to the Eternal Court which consisted of elven nobles and Faerfolc lords named Domnhull and Morrigan. True to his word, Thanatos spoke for the party, convincing the lords and ladies to spare the group in exchange for them helping gather intel on whether the Crimson Coalition was using a rogue fey Curdardh in its forces near Etheril or not. Several party members, including Raul, spoke to the court too in a rather vehement manner, and it was only thanks to Thanatos's silky words that the group wasn't executed then and there. To ensure that the party would not stray from its mission, the Faerfolc cast a geas on them to compel them to do what they'd been told, or else the spell would kill them.

The party was escorted out of the forest and began a trip to Etheril. It was during this time that Raul finally revealed more about his connections to the Union and how he was one of its prominent members, high masters. He succeeded in helping the group sneak into the city which by now had fallen to the Coalition's occupation force, and they entered the Union's secret hideout in the city where they'd hear recent reports on the Union's activities and also learn what they could about the whereabouts of Curdardh and Persephone.

During a strategy session in the hideout, the party and the local Union leaders were entertained by a Sinlarine woman called Deidra Finian who sang a beautiful song to them before she excused herself. Razravkar was suddenly troubled by something and excused himself as well, and Raul, noticing something wasn't right, sent some of his people to keep an eye on him. This turned out to be a wise move as the party soon learned that Deidra wasn't any ordinary performer but a spy who was a necromancer just like Razravkar, and the two had sensed each other's dark aura which had prompted Deidra to flee from the hideout before Razravkar could talk to her about her aura.

A battle ensued, during which Deidra summoned two shades from an elven scepter which she broke to relelease the shades, and she also sent her manservant Pip to stall the thieves while she headed for the thieves' treasure room where she burned one of the ancient tomes for some reason. Thanks to the combined efforts of the thieves and the party, both Pip and Deidra were eventually caught after a harsh battle, and both were subjected to torture to find out what they'd been doing in the hideout.

After a bit of interrogation, the party learned that Deidra had been targeted by assassins before and was working to decipher an ancient necromancer's prophecy which foretold great doom unless something was done. She claimed that the companion to the tome she had just burned was kept in the manor of Baron Jeremiah Seneron, a local merchant lord, where the Coalition's officers resided to plan their war strategies. During this time the party learned that Persephone was also somewhere in the manor, so they could kill seeral birds with one stone by infiltrating it: retrieve Persephone and the mysterious tome, and find out about the Coalition's plans and hopefully gather clues of whether Curdardh was involved in the Coalition's schemes or not.

Raul led the party to the Seneron Manor where they eventually located Persephone, who had been held captive there. They also discovered some of the Coalition's plans and saved an imprisoned Alentian councillor Gweneth after Raul helped pick the lock of her magical cage. To ensure that the Coalition wouldn't retaliate, they kidnapped Baron Jeremiah Seneron and took him with them just to be on the safe side. They learned from Gweneth that Curdardh had indeed been working for the Coalition's general Leopold Lain and that it had been thanks to him that the Coalition had captured her in the first place.

During this time Persephone revealed something alarming: she had in fact been on the run from her father Thanatos who was after the tomes which Deidra had mentioned for some purpose and that he had sent Deidra to retrieve her and the tomes to perform some dark ritual. This conflicted with Deidra's version of the story, so the party remained unsure which of the women to believe. Razravkar also revealed something: while he'd been recovering in Illunii, Thanatos's servant Jezebeth had approached him with an offer from Thanatos: Razravkar would discreetly locate and return Deidra and the tomes to Illunii and keep the rest of the party in the dark about it.

One thing was for sure now: Thanatos had definitely not been telling the party the whole truth and was apparently using them to achieve some goal. The party would have to be careful from now on although it wouldn't be easy because Persephone seemed to despise Deidra who she claimed had seduced her father with her dark ways, while Deidra took Persephone's verbal abuse and seemed surprisingly calm despite being imprisoned.

The party, which now included Deidra, Pip, Persephone, Gweneth and Jeremiah, decided to head out of Etheril before the Coalition would find out about the people they had retrieved from the manor. At the same time Major Vladimir Putin, one of Leopold's underlings, began a campaign to wipe out the Union from Etheril. The party barely evaded capture and expressed worry for the thieves of Etheril, but Raul reassured them that his companions from the Union could take care of themselves.

They fled to a nearby Union camp while on the way to the Celenian Forest and talked to Deidra and Persephone a bit more to learn what exactly was going on, but once again the women's stories differed so much that it was unsure whose version was real or if both of them were lying. They managed to sway Deidra to help them when they mentioned that Thanatos might be up to something bad; although Deidra couldn't believe it, she was still willing to investigate the matter. Raul was the one who trusted the women least, and he kept calling them with derogative nicknames such as using "seductowench" on Deidra.

With help from both Deidra and Persephone, the party finally learned the contents and the ominous words of the Necromancer's Prophecies which, much to their horror, seemed to talk about their party members even though the prophecy had been written millennia ago. It became apparent that they would play a huge role in whatever was going to happen soon, so they'd have to prepare for trickery on Thanatos's end and outwit him once they returned to Illunii and hopefully prevent whatever disaster was looming on the horizon.

However, once they'd resupplied and left, a strange mist fell on the party, and they were soon attacked by big creatures called dire wolves. The party fought against them and eventually faced the wolves' master who was none other than Curdardh. It turned out Leopold had found out about the party infiltrating the manor in Etheril and had sent the fey to wipe them out and likely retrieve Gweneth, Persephone and Jeremiah.

A desperate battle ensued, but Curdardh was too powerful to beat. It was eventually thanks to the combined necromantic powers of Razravkar, Deidra, and Persephone that the party managed to open a portal to the Land of the Dead which they entered with Curdardh following them. While in the realm of the dead, the party was attacked by psychic visions from the dead which nearly drove them insane. Eventually the party managed to get a hold of itself and managed to leave the realm, closing the portal to the Land of the Living behind them before Curdardh could reach them. Thus they managed to trap the fey lord to the Land of the Dead with no way of escape and had managed to neutralize the threat with the use of cunning and a bold strategy.

They returned to the forest and Illunii safely where they were taken to the manor of Thanatos Barca who invited them to a feast now that they had retrieved Persephone and Deidra safely. The conversations were pleasant enough but awkward because the party was now aware of Thanatos having a hidden agenda. Raul tried to accuse the elven lord in his own snarky way, only for Thanatos to start losing his cool and accusing the party of being ingrateful despite him saving their lives from the court earlier.

It was then that Razravkar noticed the strange garlic hanging on the walls an suddenly blurted out that Thanatos was in fact Drishnek, a scheming lich he had faced earlier in Alent. This somewhat out of context phrasing turned out to have big consequences: Thanatos's very face seemed to crumble all of a sudden, revealing a bony mask behind it, which seemed to confirm that Thanatos was in fact the lich in disguise.

At the same time Deidra sprung to action with help from Pip who turned into the demon Philos. The duo captured Persephone and fled to Thanatos's laboratory much to everyone's surprise but not before Deidra left two more shades for the party to deal with. As if that wasn't enough, the angered Thanatos ordered his rangers, including Sylevar, to deal with the party who had messed up his plan and caused this chaos.

Razravkar and Raul eventually managed to follow Deidra, Philos and Persephone to the laboratory where they saw Deidra preparing to apparently sacrifice Persephone in a dark necromantic ritual. They also saw one of Thanatos's servants, Naga, goading Deidra to do so while the other servant, Jezebeth, pleaded for Razravkar and Raul to help save Persephone before it was too late.

Raul kept out of sight and, using a clever strategy with Razravkar, managed to shoot a dart full of poison at Naga who fell instantly before using the opening to run for Deidra while Philos and Thanatos fought against one another. Razravkar and Raul cut Deidra down, killing her in the process, and saved Persephone who was grateful for their help. At the same time Thanatos managed to elude Philos and reached Persephone, embracing him, which seemed weird because Drishnek shouldn't be related to Persephone at all according to what Razravkar had told Raul.

It was then the two men witnessed how they'd been played and who the real masterminds of this plot had been when Naga suddenly rose up and turned into a snake-like demon; she had only pretended to have fainted from poison in order to goad the duo to fight Deidra. At the same time Persephone stabbed Thanatos through the heart, revealing that him being "Drishnek" had only been an elaborate illusion to fool Razravkar into acting recklessly. Jezebeth joined the female trio and revealed herself to be their leader and an agent of the demonic Eastern Horde as she turned into a voluptuous succubus.

With their villainous revelation out of the way, the trio pointed at a portal which began opening: Razravkar and Raul had helped trigger a spell which would open a portal to the Demon Realm through which the demons could invade Illunii at ease. Deidra hadn't intended to sacrifice Persephone: she had merely tried to heal her with an elaborate Sinlarine ritual, and the reason she had acted so erratically was that Naga had planted a mental switch on her when Deidra had been held captive in the Union hideout earlier. It had all been an elaborate scheme from the Eastern Horde to use Raul and Razravkar's party to get what they wanted.

It was only thanks to Philos's sacrifice that Raul and Razravkar managed to flee to warn their comrades about the treachery of Naga, Persephone and Jezebeth. Raul and Razravkar were very annoyed, having been tricked into a honey trap which had been so obvious now that they thought about it. They eventually reached their companions and managed to regroup before returning to the laboratory to stop the villainous trio's plan and hopefully close the portal before demons could invade en masse.

After a lengthy battle during which Naga turned into a giant snake, the party succeeded in thwarting the Eastern Horde's plans with help from the shades of Thanatos and Deidra who had seen the error of their ways and seemingly sacrificed their ghostly essences to close the portal while Jezebeth was sucked into the portal too. Although the party succeeded in subduing the weakened Persephone, the threat was not over yet, though, even though the rangers led by Sylevar had now realized they'd been played by demons too.

An infernal orb found near the laboratory came to life, revealing a stunningly beautiful red-haired demoness in it: she was Duchess Nina Heeate L'andariel who had sent Jezebeth's group to Illunii. Nina gloated that while the heroes had been busy thwarting the invasion, her other minion had already retrieved her true objective to her: an elven scepter just like the one Deidra had used in Etheril. She thanked the heroes for serving as amusement, but it quickly became apparent that she had only gloated to stall the party long enough to blow up the orb magically and make Naga prevent them from escaping the collapsing manor.

However, due to the combined efforts of the party, they barely managed to slice their way through Naga's bloated body and escaped just in time for the manor to collapse. Although they'd defeated the villainous trio and thwarted the demon invasion plans, Nina had still gotten what she wanted in the end, which annoyed several members who felt dirty having been outgambitted by the archdemon.

The party was summoned to the Eternal Court which was grateful for having thwarted the demons' plans. The curse on them was lifted, and they were allowed to leave. Sylevar was promoted as Captain thanks to his assistance, and Persephone was put in jail for her crimes. Raul, however, was asked to leave the sketch he'd made of Illunii behind because no maps would be allowed to leave the forest. Raul was annoyed by this but did what he was told, figuring out that he could replicate the map in his head and draw it later on another parchment if needed.

They left the forest, their goal now to return Gweneth to Alent and take the Coalition-aiding Baron Jeremiah to the Alentian dungeons where the baron would be interrogated to find out what the Coalition was planning. While travelling through the forest, the party discussed the contents of the Necromancer's Prophecy and realized that although they had thwarted it for now, the prophecy specifically stated that what had happened in Illunii was only the beginning and more dangers loomed on the horizon.

Defiler's TouchEdit

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Day of the DamnedEdit

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A Cry in the DarkEdit

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Deceiver's GambitEdit

"Why do you eke out a living as a gutter wizard, when you could be so much more?"
"I'm not sure I know anymore. Perhaps I need to set right what I put wrong. Perhaps I don't want to die. But I do know this. Were some higher power to sit in judgement upon my soul, I would tell them I did what I had to do. I do not repent. But it matters little, as I know--I have seen it--the universe does not care. We will all be crushed by something one day. But this is not that day, and I will keep fighting, I will learn, and perhaps I will overthrow the order of things."
Sloth and Razravkar

While in jail waiting to be judged by the Anti Mage Police, Razravkar saw a group of officers appear and bust him out. It turned out this group was one of the cells of the Union which tried to frame Thistle Grove for the breakout while taking Razravkar to safety. Razravkar learned that Jane had been responsible for this operation and had made sure Razravkar would go free because the Union needed his help: Haruko had been kidnapped from the Union's base in Hidefall and had been taken to the Coalition's capital Trinity Gask, and Raul had personally requested that Razravkar aid the fellowship in retrieving her.

Razravkar realized he didn't have much of a choice since his jailbreak had now turned him into a marked man. He accepted Jane's offer and was teleported to the area surrounding Trinity Gask, actually ending up in Survivor's Woods by accident.

He met an old witch named Befana in the woods, and the witch read his future to him from her tarot cards. Razravkar dismissed the witch's warnings at first, believing the readings to be a mere trick until the witch revealed she knew about Razravkar having released part of the Watcher into the world. Razravkar realized the witch was in fact a disguised fey and wanted to pay him back for having helped her kin in Illunii. With a few more words of wisdom to beware of deceivers, the witch opened a path for Razravkar, leading him to the Union hideout.

Razravkar entered the Union hideout near Trinity Gask where he met with the rest of the fellowship, getting acquainted with the new members who included a young bard Arcturius, Sara Merrier and a man calling himself Katsutoshi Kobayashi as well as some old comrades including Fox, Illyria, the O'Harris brothers and Raul.

The necromancer was briefed on what had happened, but he grew increasingly frustrated by what he had had to endure as well as Katsutoshi's annoyingly smug attitude. He openly accused the Union of incompetence for busting him out of jail in such a messy way, and he also ranted at Fox and his mystic speeches which he saw as idiotic. Razravkar clearly believed he was working for a bunch of fools who would only get themselves--and himself--killed in the end while going on such a dangerous mission to free a potentially powerful goddess Laverna from Haruko who many were targeting.

Fox calmly answered Razravkar's inquiries, surprising the elven necromancer when he told him his reason for going after Haruko and acting the way he did was to preserve Haruko's sanity by revealing information to her little by little but also make Laverna grateful to the Triad once she was released. Fox claimed that with the goddess's help the necromancers could finally have their rightful place in the world and rival the Andain of old, and he hoped Razravkar would come to see things his way.

Razravkar, baffled by Fox's sudden sincerity, didn't know what to say, so he merely watched as Fox left to prepare for the mission ahead. Raul then began snarking with Razravkar, and the two exchanged some slightly homoerotic speeches about outwitting each other and whatnot. Razravkar began pondering if there was merit with what Fox had said about necromancers finally becoming a respected profession, so he decided to play along for now although he also began devising a backup plan to kill Laverna to prevent her from using anyone in her schemes. Razravkar believed that necromancers could forge their own path without the assistance of the gods, and Laverna was too dangerous to be left alive.

Razravkar contacted the spirit of Deidra Finian to ask about Haruko and one of the kidnappers, Deidra's brother Irvin Finian. He said that it was important to find them or they might unleash a great evil in the world, and he claimed he didn't want Irvin to be played for a fool like Deidra had been, and he didn't want to bury any more Finians. After a brief chat, Deidra relented and revealed that the party would find what they sought if they followed the songs of the Sinlarine in the festival.

The group eventually entered Trinity Gask and did scouting in smaller groups to learn any hints of Haruko's whereabouts. The O'Harrises participated in the Tsèni Tournaments held by the Sinlarine to earn their trust and thus hear any gossip about Haruko's possible appearance from them, Raul and Sara acted to gather intel that way, and Arcturius mingled with Sinlarine kids while Janus, Illyria and Katsutoshi went their separate ways.

Razravkar, meanwhile, acted like a charlatan and used the alias of Sammael Malaclypse, drawing the attention of none other than Hannibal Losstarot, son of the Coalition's leader Glaurung Losstarot, and also his old comrade Thorn who happened by. Before Razravkar knew it, he and Thorn were escorted to a safe location where he summoned spirits of the dead which answered Hannibal's queries about one Vaetris Redfield.

Razravkar nearly lost his life due to nervous Coalition guards and had a brief duel with words with Hannibal who seemed interested in him but clearly didn't know whether to trust him or not. In the end the two reconciled, however, but Razravkar would also be joined by Coalition officers, including Grace Ripley, who would keep an eye on him and Thorn. Razravkar pondered why Thorn had shown up here out of all places and why he hadn't been in the Union hideout, but had to focus on other matters so he forgot to think about it in any depth.

While enjoying a drink with Thorn and Grace, Razravkar sensed a demonic presence nearby. Curious of what a demon was doing in Trinity Gask, he told his companions what had happened. Thorn promised to investigate the matter and left, while Grace accompanied Razravkar to the rest of the fellowship. Razravkar was still confused about the demonic presence, though, and kept his senses open for any further disturbances.

The party members had been successful in gathering intel as they regrouped. They began putting the pieces of the puzzle together, finally discovering that Haruko had last been seen visiting a trio of witches known as the Weird Sisters. The party enlisted the aid of a Sinlarine teen named Beira who led them to the witches. They were also joined by a few members of the mysterious Grey Guard as well as a few members of Grace's Mullencamp unit, and the smug elf Lirado Qavennurrie who seemed to have a history with Illyria.

While on their way to the alley where the witches were, the party saw how Katsutoshi was fighting against a man named Rahovart whom Razravkar immediately sensed was the demon who had been tailing him earlier. With help from his companions, Razravkar helped Katsutoshi subdue the rogue demon and put him under Coalition custody. Leaving the now captive demon behind, the party hurried to meet with the witches. Once again Thorn was nowhere to be seen despite claiming to have been following the demon, and Razravkar grew worried what might've happened to the dwarf.

The witches told the group that they could help them access a portal to the place where Haruko was being held but only if each group member gave the witches their most prized possessions, whether rocks, coins or other valued objects. After the entry fee had been paid, the group entered Malperdy, the labyrinth beneath Trinity Gask. Razravkar ended up giving the witches his name, his most valuable possession, before entering the labyrinth where Haruko's kidnappers--the rogue shaman Irvin and the strange fox beast Izanagi--were residing.

While traversing the labyrinth, the group faced the monstrous guardians of Malperdy: the Unseen. It was thanks to the quick thinking of several party members and Fox sacrificing himself to lure the Unseen to the Land of the Dead through a necromantic portal that the party survived. Razravkar admired Fox's sacrifice and promised to kill Laverna--even if it meant killing Haruko--to prevent anyone else from getting needlessly killed through blind faith.

However, the party was confronted by Izanagi immediately afterwards. The beast mocked their efforts to save Haruko but also surprisingly asked them what the real reason for them entering Malperdy was. Some party members tried to buy some time to keep Izanagi distracted so they humoured him with answers. The armored warrior Katsutoshi, however, wasn't amused and tried to attack Izanagi, only ending up triggering a trap which made the party fall to its seeming doom.

Razravkar managed to use his summoned shades' help to levitate up the trap room, but he presumed his companions had perished. Even if they weren't dead, he reasoned, they would still hate him for abandoning them like that. His resolve to kill Laverna grew even more; he had begun as a lone wolf, and if he had to kill Laverna by himself to avenge his companions, so be it.

Much to Razravkar's surprise, he soon met with a group who had also entered Malperdy. This group included the demon Rahovart from before who had apparently escaped from Coalition captivity but also Razravkar's old enemies Persephone and Jezebeth as well as a new woman calling herself Sloth. Jezebeth and Persephone weren't all that pleased to meet Razravkar who likewise disliked them, but Sloth and Rahovart seemed polite enough, confusing the necromancer.

Realizing that this group had also faced difficulties with Izanagi, Razravkar managed to bargain with Sloth to spare his life in exchange for his services, and so he teamed up with his former demonic enemies although he was certain he'd be backstabbed sooner or later. He also wondered what the demons were looking for in Malperdy but couldn't get a clear answer from them, which frustrated him.

They eventually managed to navigate through the labyrinth by abusing hidden passages, only to end up overhearing Irvin talking to Kendra through a magic orb while revealing that another god, Dionysus, was involved in the scheme. The party was ambushed by Irvin's troll minions, but much to Razravkar's surprise Irvin didn't seem the evil mastermind he had believed him to be but was instead as charming as he'd been when they'd last met on the ghost paths. The shaman was also accompanied by the glowing figure who revealed himself as Dionysus, the God of Madness and Wine, who had plans for Haruko and Laverna and whom Irvin and Izanagi were apparently serving.

Irvin asked the group to follow him to the treasure room where Haruko--and all the answers--would be waiting for them. Although Razravkar suspected a trap, he nevertheless followed, only to witness a battle being waged between trolls and what appeared to be his companions, who had survived the fall after all.

Using the ensuing chaos to his advantage, Razravkar broke out of the group and headed for Haruko who now looked like she was about to give birth. Razravkar knew there wasn't much time so he only had one chance to strike her down and put an end to all the schemes once and for all. It was then that yet another surprise arrival happened, this time from Fox who appeared unscathed even though everyone had thought he had perished with the Unseen in the portal earlier.

Fox then revealed much to everyone's shock that he was not in fact Fox, one of the Triad's leaders, but instead he was Janus Todd, a mere apprentice of the real Fox who was none other than Thorn, the group's supposed ally. It was then that the party found out that the armored man Katsutoshi was working for Janus, and Katsutoshi attacked Thorn with results which surprised the party members. Thorn transformed in front of their eyes due to the pain of the wound which the armored man had inflicted and turned into none other than the dreaded Izanagi.

It turned out that Thorn was in fact not only Izanagi and Fox but also a kitsune and the true Katsutoshi and thus Haruko's husband who had been using the party for his own ends. The fake, golden-armored Katsutoshi, however, was actually Gilgamesh, a warrior from both the real Katsutoshi's and Haruko's past who had partially caused Haruko's imprisonment millennia ago.

Laughing madly at having been played yet again, Razravkar decided to act before things could get out of hand. He struck the helpless Haruko with the deadly Sundering spell, intending to kill her and Laverna within her thus put an end to all the schemers' plans. Unfortunately his strategy backfired because the assault had been exactly what Laverna had been waiting for, and she used the spell to finally take over Haruko's body and transform her into Izanami, revealing Haruko as the same kind of kitsune as the real Katsutoshi was. After thanking Razravkar for enabling her plan to succeed, the Laverna-possessed Haruko then leaped on a nearby pile of gold to give birth to not one child but twins.

Meanwhile the skirmish turned into a chaotic four-way battle between various competing and backstabbing factions who all wanted to use Haruko for their own ends. Razravkar had been weakened by casting the spell and could do nothing but watch how he had been played one more time, this time by Laverna herself, and how it had been thanks to him that she had succeeded in her scheme.

Ultimately Haruko gave birth to two healthy twins which Laverna and Dionysus, who was revealed to be her brother and accomplice, possessed. Janus was revealed to be the true mastermind of this plot as he, Gilgamesh and their accomplices kidnapped the god-possessed twins and took Persephone and Rahovart as hostages before fleeing with them through a dark portal to an unknown destination. Razravkar was amused by seeing Persephone being outwitted and couldn't help but respect Janus's cunning for having pulled such a complicated gambit off so masterfully.

The party was intercepted by a Mullencamp unit soon after. The Mullencamp had come to take Haruko and her children back to custody. Realizing that they'd been fooled and this group had been responsible for tricking the Coalition, Grace Ripley ordered her men to arrest everyone present and take them to the headquarters of the Coalition where they'd be judged by Hannibal.

Too tired from fighting and being outnumbered, the party surrendered and was taken above ground while Malperdy collapsed behind them. They had succeeded in saving Haruko but with a terrible cost: she had turned out to be just as big a deceiver as Thorn--or rather Katsutoshi--had been, and many party members resented her for having tricked them even if she'd been partly amnesiac before she'd regained her full memories and her true self.

Heart of DarknessEdit

Once he had attended a meeting with his surviving companions and Hannibal Losstarot in the Losstarot manor, Razravkar learned that the Coalition planned to use the survivors of Malperdy as their agents whether they wanted to or not because they had let Laverna flee from the Coalition's grasp. Razravkar had a private chat with Simon who tasked him to travel to Alent to free the imprisoned necromancers and use it as a way to pay back his debt to the Coalition. Simon handed him a bag which contained various magical items and gave him freedom to reach Alent in any way deemed fit.

While travelling to Alent, Razravkar ended up caught by the Grey Guard as he was closing in on their hidden encampment in a nearby forest. At the same time he met with a fellow necromancer Spector Drakai who was captured alongside with him. Soon Raul and Sara joined the group of captives as well as the guards had caught them as well. They were taken to the Grey Guard camp where they met Arcturius's mother, Helena the Grey, who questioned them about the earlier adventure in Malperdy.

After a tense exchange of words, Razravkar and the other captives were let go and could continue their journey. Although Razravkar pondered whether Arcturius would truly be happy with Helena, he chose to nevertheless carry on his mission to Alent without worrying about the rest of his company's safety. He had already left Haruko as the Coalition's captive so Arcturius's fate didn't concern him that much either. All that mattered to him was to finish his contract with the Totenkopfs and hopefully free the captive necromancers.

The necromancer eventually reached Alent where he met with the Totenkopfs' contact, who turned out to be none other than Zenobia, in the Garden of Earthly Delights brothel. Zenobia instructed Razravkar to help locate the elusive nymph Serene who had gone missing and suggested that Razravkar should start searching for the nymph in the Sarquil Downs among the desert elves. To help him infiltrate the desert elven community, she used special makeup to make Razravkar look like a desert elf.

Razravkar became increasingly confused and annoyed by how he was being used no matter what he did and that most of his actions had resulted in nothing but misery and how nothing he did matter at all in the great scheme of things. The power the Watcher had granted him weighed heavily on his mind, and as he pondered these things, he ended up in Harkinian's diner where he ordered food. What happened next was murky, but Razravkar's mind changed as the Watcher's maddening influence finally took its toll on his weary body and soul.



After Razravkar had been reunited with Marisa in Harkinian's diner and learned that the woman had seemingly strapped a tricycle full of explosives while having yet another zany scheme in mind, he finally snapped. When he opened his eyes again, he was no longer the rational Razravkar Dominus but a necromancer who acted on impulses. The Watcher's power had finally taken over him.

He mounted Marisa's tricycle and pedalled it towards Alent's central ziggurat, Etemenanki, while shouting out loud the exact words Harkinian had joked about during an earlier conversation. When Razravkar and his tricycle were about to hit the ziggurat, the Alentian mages guarding the ziggurat panicked and shot him with all sorts of spells which made Razravkar and the tricycle explode, killing him instantly.


Razravkar's sudden demise hindered the plans of Janus and his associates but they chose to make the most out of it by using the necromancer's death to their advantage.

Once Shadowstrike learned of what had happened, its members chose to still pursue the truth behind Clinton's murder even if it meant talking to Razravkar's spirit. They succeeded in communicating with the necromancer's spirit with help from Janus and learned information about the true reason why Clinton had been murdered.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What some people called him.
Sammael Malaclypse
Used by Razravkar while posing as an illusionist in Trinity Gask.


Short spiky white hair, 5'6", red eyes, dark skin.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Arrogant and cold. Extremely intelligent. He had shown signs of kindness to people he bonded with and even respected some people who he shared some views with, but his life as a mercenary had affected his view of the world and made him look at things from a more cynical point of view. There were times when he lost his temper, but most of the time he acted collected.

His philosophy as a necromancer was that raising the dead was justified because it gave them more time in the Land of the Living against the eternity of death. As a corollary, he would have no objection to being raised.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Razravkar forged a magical sickle from the soul of the paladin Andronus. It was an intelligent and malevolent weapon, which upon striking a foe would rip out its soul and transfer energy to the wielder. It was loyal to Razravkar and Razravkar alone, and could lash out telepathically at unwanted wielders. It was destroyed in a rather one-sided confronation with a being connected to the Watcher in Darkness during the first Threshold riot. He could also see through the disguises of minor demons due to his distant demon blood.

Razravkar was not a warrior. His fighting ability consisted of stabbing helpless or unaware people with his sickle after a spell bombardment. He would be absolutely useless with any other weapon. He was doubly vulnerable to light magic as he was both demon-blooded and a wielder of dark magic. He projected a dark aura visible to other necromancers and undead in both the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead.



Aluette was a cleric of Artemicia who stopped at nothing to bring Razravkar to justice for the murder of Andronus. The two had snarky banter and viewed each other with hostility. However, during the Day of the Damned in Reign, Aluette finally came to see Razravkar from a different perspective when the spirit of Andronus showed his true, depraved self and how Razravkar murdering him could at least be seen as sympathetic after what Andronus had done to Razravkar's wife. Aluette then aided Razravkar briefly by letting him get hold of his weapon as well as sent a note to the authorities in Alent which would explain that Razravkar should not be persecuted anymore. Razravkar was confused by Aluette's sudden sympathy for him, but he accepted it nevertheless, knowing that they would never meet again.

Andronus CallenteEdit

Andronus was a knight in the Clergy of Artemicia who raped Razravkar's wife Lily. Razravkar reacted with uncontrollable rage and killed Andronus, forcing his soul into a sickle. Since then Andronus's spirit has remained in the sickle in its seemingly eternal prison, a punishment devised by Razravkar for Andronus taking away the only person he had ever loved.

Crowe LleyEdit

Despite knowing that the shady and promiscous councillor was bad business, Razravkar couldn't help but be intrigued by Crowe's jovial and amoral personality. He found himself liking some of Crowe's views and relaxed attitude, and Crowe returned the feeling. However, he also knew Crowe was a powerful mage who should not be underestimated even though Crowe's actions seemed to prove otherwise. Razravkar nevertheless took Crowe's advice--especially the bit about not trusting anyone's motives, including friends--to heart.

Deidra FinianEdit

Despite having a rough start, Razravkar and the fellow necromancer Deidra Finian seemed to bond during their adventures together. Razravkar was unsure of what to feel about Deidra, at first seeing her as an enemy but then coming to understand her plight a little. This trust shattered when Deidra kidnapped Persephone Barca and seemingly tried to murder her in an eldritch ritual, which forced Razravkar and her companions to finish her off. Razravkar later learned that Deidra's intentions, albeit shady, had been noble in the end and that he had caused the death of a person who had understood him perhaps better than any of his other companions. Razravkar regretted killing Deidra, but his short conversation with Deidra gave him some solace when the fallen necromancer forgave him and sacrificed herself to save him and the others from the trap laid by Persephone and her demonic associates. Deidra and Razravkar had a brief, somber reunion when Razravkar summoned her spirit to ask for help in locating her clan.

Lily DominusEdit

Razravkar saved Lily from a life in prostitution and married her. They lived happily for a time until Lily was murdered by Andronus, which made Razravkar cruelly avenge her death.


Razravkar and Marisa got along although the latter more or less clinged to him because she wanted to have adventures with a dark wizard. Razravkar found himself attracted to her but tried to keep his mind focused, so they never became anything more than acquaintances.

Persephone BarcaEdit

Although distrustful of Persephone at first, Razravkar eventually warmed up to her and may have even come to care for her as more than a friend. However, Persephone's shocking betrayal in Illunii made it clear that she'd been manipulating Razravkar who was hurt and angered by her act. Since then Razravkar has viewed her with a mix of disgust and pity, realizing Persephone's insanity was partly caused by demons but that she's still responsible for goading him to kill Deidra.

Raul EmmensonEdit

Razravkar and Raul seem to get along for the most part even if the two keep snarking at each other every once in a while. Razravkar is still somewhat wary about the Union which Raul represents, however.

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