Ravensworth Thieves' Guild
Basic Information
Government Guild
Title of leader Boss
Leader(s) Kardach
Geographic Information
Base Ravensworth
Region(s) Eastern Libaterra
Member races Humans
Enemies Clergy of Mardük
Ravensworth Watch
White Ravens
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The Ravensworth Thieves' Guild was a sizable faction of thieves who operated in the port city of Ravensworth in Remon. They were led by a ruthless and cunning man named Kardach who knew how to steal from the rich and how to stay hidden. He helped build a so-called Fox's Den which was the base of operations for the entire guild underneath the city itself. The thieves originally worked as their codex, the Code of Thieves, mandated, but the code eventually fell out of use, and only Sullena's group kept the tradition up in the guild by 1000 AE.

The guild prospered for a while, especially during the tumultous times of the Yamatian Invasion and the aftermath of the Great War, but in the year 1017 AE a fellow thief betrayed the identities of his companions and the location of the Fox's Den to Dylas Rin Theron who ordered the Ravensworth Watch and the White Ravens to wipe out the entire guild and leave no witnesses. The guild and its members were annihilated in only a few days, and the once mighty Ravensworth Thieves' Guild came to a grisly end.

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