Raid on the Den of Chaos
Part of the Second Great War
Date 1017 AE
Location Alent, Libaterra
Result Draw, many casualties on all sides
Flag-magicalent Cursed Company Flag-easternhorde Eastern Horde
Flag-easternhorde Threshold demons
Flag-dwarventriad Dwarven Triad
Necromancer turncoats
Flag-magicalent Richelieu
Flag-magicalent Aloysius 
Flag-easternhorde Jahi Gallu
Flag-easternhorde Qarinah
Flag-dwarventriad Janus Todd (POW)
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The Raid on the Den of Chaos occurred in the city of Alent two weeks after the Siege of Alent began. The Cursed Company led by Councillor Richelieu located and invaded the hideout of the Threshold demons who had fled into the depths of the collapsed Sarquil Downs district after the end of the Threshold Riot. The Company's mission was to kill the demons and their leader, Jahi Gallu, who had sided with the Eastern Horde and were posing too big a threat to the Magicracy of Alent's interests. It turned into a three-way battle when Janus Todd, secretly an agent of the Dwarven Triad, convinced many of the necromancer convicts of the Company to turn against Richelieu's forces to fight their way out, leading to many casualties on all sides, while Janus himself freed his master Katsutoshi Kobayashi whom Jahi had captured earlier.

The conflict came to an end when as a last ditch effort Richelieu made the den collapse, hoping to take as many enemies with him as possible. Ultimately most of the Cursed Company perished save Janus, Richelieu and two of his paladins. The demonic survivors captured Janus and Katsutoshi and fled with them to the Sarquil hideout afterwards, disguising themselves as Sarquil. Although the Cursed Company had been successful in destroying the Den and killing many dangerous adversaries, their primary target Jahi survived the collapse albeit she was greatly injured.

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