Ragnar Daenyathos Jaeger
Status: Dead
Age: 30 (at time of death)
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Remon
Faction: Grand Alliance

Ragnar Daenyathos Jaeger was a proud warrior who ended up joining the Grand Alliance during the Great War. He, like many heroes, was killed by Kareth d'Zarnagon in the slaughterfest known as the Second Battle of Myridia.


Early Years

Coming from a small mountain village toward the North of Remon, Ragnar was a born and bred local lad. His father was an elf from across the sea. His mother was the village healer, and a very good one at that. Ragnar's father, Daenyathos, was a brilliant warrior. He was in Remon chasing down a powerful artefact--he believed it might be used for evil--when he was set upon by a group of brigands. They wounded him badly but he still drove them off. He met Alura (Ragnar's mother) and she healed him. They fell in love and Ragnar was the result. Daenyathos could not stay, though. He had a duty to fulfill but he promised he would return. He left his bow to Ragnar and left the village. He never returned.

Ragnar grew up strong under the tutelage of the village guardian, Grimbjorn Jaeger. When he became a young man he decided to move further afield. He wanted to find his father, and seek his own destiny... Grimbjorn gave him the sword Gorgoleon before he left and last words of wisdom. Then Ragnar set off into the wilds.

Distreyd Era

Ragnar eventually met a group of heroes and decided to travel with them to Fragnar to put an end to the anti-elven movement there. He joined the Grand Alliance a few years later and accompanied them to Aison.


Ragnar sacrificed his life to save his friend Refan d'Zarnagon from a fatal blow from Zarnagon.

Aliases and Nicknames

Black Knight 
Used by his enemies.


Tall, weighed about 90kgs and was very much an athletic type. Warm dark skin and near shoulder length black hair. Very piercing eyes (black irises shot with silver flecks). A few Elvish features (slightly pointed ears and a straight nose) but strong human looks.

He wore a carapace of dark gromril armour and a brigandine suit. A hooded cloak made of soft black leather, calf length boots and half-gauntlets complete his garments. He carried his sword Gorgoleon in sheath at his left hip, a quiver at the small of his back and his bow slung over his shoulder. He carried a small pack for travelling purposes on his right hip.

Personality and Traits

Ragnar was a fairly friendly person, though he was also quiet. He had strong moral senses (ie never hurt a child or defenceless person and hated those that did, etc) but was completely ruthless sometimes. Normally tended to keep to himself though he did enjoy company and was fairly intelligent. Took a lot to get angered and tried to keep his emotions under control all the time. He had some eccentricities and confused people, but he was also filled with a sense of duty. His loyalty to whomever he gave it to was near absolute.

Powers and Abilities

Ragnar was a skilled swordsman who few could match. Unfortunately he had not expected Zarnagon to be such a powerful mage who did not fight fairly.


Refan d'Zarnagon

Refan and Ragnar got along surprisingly well. Ragnar was one of the people who taught Refan how to use a sword properly. Their friendship extended so far that Ragnar gave his life to protect Refan from a deadly blow during the duel with Zarnagon.

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