Status: Alive
Age: 200
Race: Sirithai
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Nation: Libaterra
Era: Third Age
"When the wheels of fate begin turning, they cannot be stopped. If the Sirithai are to fall and turn back into dust at the end of our journey, so be it. We'll fight with our heads held high for the right cause!"
—Qadohi of the Tongue

Tlatoani Qadohi of the Tongue is an old leader of the Sirithai and the High Cleric of Shakkan. She is the mother of Xolkai and Ixtli.


Early YearsEdit

Not much is known about Qadohi's past except that she acted as the leader of the Sirithai and was a devoted follower of Shakkan before the Sirithai were put to sleep by Nergal. Before the long sleep, she had many children which included Xolkai and Ixtli who would be ranked among her most skilled warriors.

She would remain in slumber for a very long time until the magical surge of the Cataclysm woke her and the rest of the Sirithai in the catacombs underneath Lutherin. She led her people out of the catacombs, and they instinctively returned back to their home which was now the Tronin Desert in the middle of Libaterra. There they met the Clergy of Artemicia and the Sarquil tribes.

The humanfolk were distrustful of the Sirithai until the Sarquil leader named Razia al-Saif approached Qadohi directly and tried to form a loose alliance with them so that both races could live in peace in the desert.

Things seemed successful for a precious few years until Razia died and her twin sister Adela al-Saif took over. Adela and the Clergy of Artemicia immediately began uniting the Sarquil tribes and they also attacked the Sirithai who responded as brutally. It was soon clear that anyone trying to reach the heart of the desert would meet the wrath of the Sirithai who killed trespassers without mercy.

When hostilities escalated, Qadohi and the Sirithai built Xibalba, an underground city which would act as their fortress against intruders.

Godslayer EraEdit

Tears of the SunEdit

"Our bloodthirst has not been satisfied yet. I do not know yet if I trust you fully, but so far, you've proven yourself honorable. And if you know where these dogs of Artemicia lie..."
"Well, they did tell me to bring your head back. So what if the rest comes along too?"
"Brothers, sisters! I can still feel our god's power pulsing through my veins...all is not lost. He lives on, trapped inside that foul weapon! Tomorrow, we march on the dogs of Artemicia! Today...we prepare for war!"
Axikasha Keiran and Qadohi

The Winds of WrathEdit

"We shouldn't solve things with violence. I'm sure we can come to an agreement somehow."
"The time of talks seems to be at an end, young one. Although all of us wish for peace, sometimes we must fight to make it happen."
—Unithien Greyrain and Qadohi

Sowing SeasonEdit

"Qadohi! How fast can your Sirithai tunnel?"
"Fast. Much faster with the help of these new allies."
—Axikasha Keiran and Qadohi

Devourer's ReachEdit

"Our people has always lived in the desert. We will not leave it now. We will hide ourselves from the scourge, and help where we can. And strike back!"
—Qadohi to Leon Alcibiates

A Cry in the DarkEdit

More info later.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

A title in the Sirithai tongue which means Speaker. It shows the high status of Qadohi as the spiritual leader of her people.


Qadohi is a slender and tall with scaly skin and lizardlike features. She, like many of her kind, often hisses and pronounces more s's than necessary when she gets emotional. She is clad in simple robes that offer protection and show her status as a spiritual person.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"She's pretty nice for a...uh, flesh-eating monster."
—Axikasha Keiran about Qadohi

Qadohi is not a violent person at heart and often tries to find a peaceful solution in order to prevent the deaths of her people. However, she is more than willing to dispose of those who threaten her people.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Qadohi is a good orator but only an average warrior; she thus acts more as a sage of the Sirithai than an actual commander. It is unclear whether she possesses any magic although it is possible because of her status as the High Cleric of Shakkan.


Adela al-SaifEdit

Adela and Qadohi despised each other, seeing the other as a monster who needed to be put down. Qadohi's hatred of the persecution caused by Adela was one of the reasons why she was willing to help the Grand Alliance depose her.

Axikasha KeiranEdit

Ax managed to convince Qadohi to join the Alliance, which was no small feat. Over time the two have grown to respect one another and now work seamlessly together as high clerics of their respective gods.


The oldest of Qadohi's daughters, Ixtli was also one of her best enforcers although more rebellious than Xolkai in their youths. Unlike most of Qadohi's children, Ixtli remained elusive in the years after the Cataclysm.

Khalid al-SaifEdit

Despite earlier animosity, Khalid has come to see Qadohi as a dependable ally. Qadohi hopes that Khalid won't repeat Adela's mistakes and that he'll instead turn out to be like his mother Razia.

Razia al-SaifEdit

Qadohi came to terms with Razia and befriended her. The two women understood each other and promised not to attack one another. However, when Razia died and Adela took over, the Sirithai were being persecuted and Qadohi had no choice but to start hostilities again.


Qadohi of the Tongue was the High Cleric of Shakkan who, along with the rest of her race, was put to sleep after the War of the Andain. She awoke with the rest the Sirithai after the Cataclysm and has resumed her duties as high cleric despite her old age. She and Shakkan have great respect for one another.


The oldest of Qadohi's sons, Xolkai is also one of her best enforcers. She sent Xolkai to ask for reinforcements during the Battle of Vanna, and Xolkai returned with the Sirithai to aid his mother. After the battle, she sent Xolkai to act as a Sirithai emissary in the Alliance.

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