The Provisional Government ruled over the then-Confederacy of Remon in the Third Age because the King of Remon had died without heirs. This government turned out to be an ineffective one, because it supported the anti-elf movement and failed to capture various dangerous troublemakers such as Derak and Egendaul Korath. The government was overthrown by the elf Mori'sul Agara in 1000 AE, but the elf's reign came to an end a year later when the Yamatians invaded Remon.


The Council of Regents oversaw Remon during the Yamatian occupation until it was overthrown in 1003 AE. Its functions had been mostly the same as the Provisional Government's except that it served Yamatian interests.

The Stewards' Council took control of Remonton after the Cataclysm and acted like the Provisional Government and the Council of Regents except on a smaller scale. Its main function was to do various administrative duties in Remonton while the new King Marcus Sarillius was either absent or leading the armies of the Grand Alliance abroad.

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