Port Cedric
Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Northeastern Maar Sul
Size Small city
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Humans
Ethnic group(s) Cedriceans
Political Information
Government Governorate
Ruler(s) Governor Ambroise Cedric
Faction(s) House of Cedric, House of Struan
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Port Cedric is a city in Northeastern Maar Sul. Its population was ruled by the House of Struan which held some animosity towards the House of Aurelac whose members had been responsible for the death of Lord Martin Struan in the Struan Rebellion. After the rebellion, the Struans' noble status was revoked by King Kagetsu II as punishment for the rebellion, and another family named the House of Cedric has risen to power in the city since then, making Ambroise Cedric the present governor of the city.

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