Leaving their bedrolls there, they moved towards the area Agarwaen had said the new monsters were.
There was nothing but a forest. A relatively small forest, its borders easily spotted. Agarwaen assured them it was much deeper than it looked before moving off with Alexis.
Waiting until Leon counted to five hundred, Raistlin mentally scanned through his spells. Ice and water had worked well last time, but lightning was always an option. If these monsters were sent by Yurius, Raistlin doubted fire would work well.
"Five hundred," Leon said at last.
"I will draw them out," Raistlin replied.
Lifting his hand towards the sky, the archmage began to chant the words to a spell. Drawing on his energy, a lightning shot from his finger tips up to the sky...and then a massive bolt came crashing down right in front of the forest, bursting into bright light, but mysteriously not setting fire to anything. A spell to draw attention...
"Nothing's coming," Leon muttered after a few moments.
Grimly, they waited.
And then the forest moved.

OOC: Yeah, pretty bad ending, but I'm too tired to think up a good monster right now.

Citizen Bleys:

OOC: It's a mistake to leave the ball in my court.

Raistlin and Leon gasped in unison as something terrible spilled forth from the forest.

Bunnies. Hundreds--no--THOUSANDS of pink, fluffy bunnies charged towards the mage and the Andain with hatred burning in their eyes. Leon gripped his knife, but realized immediately that it was no use. There were just too many of them.

"Come," he hissed at the mage, "We have to run!"

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