Phoenixheart Clan
Geographic Information
Country Aison
Base Myridia
Societal Information
Current head Justinius Aurelius Phoenixheart
Race(s) Humans
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The Phoenixheart Clan is a family originating from Aison. Its members have been warriors with a knack of doing things their own way, but the clan has since drifted apart after its present head Justinius Aurelius Phoenixheart sided with the Grey Cult in Myridia while the rest of his family relocated to Maar Sul City.

History[edit | edit source]

The Phoenixheart Clan consisted of rebel warriors who wanted to overthrow the government in Aison. Their attempts at this were unsuccessful, and by the time the Grey Cult took over Aison, they faded from view. It was during these post Cataclysm years that Justinius Aurelius Phoenixheart, the newest leader of the survivors of the clan, learned to use the Twin Butterfly Swords.

When the rebel groups were disbanded and the Grey Cult cemented its rule over the human areas of Aison, Justinius settled down in Eest with his wife and had two children whom they named Sajon Phoenixheart and Briss Phoenixheart.

The family lived a normal life, and Briss's father worked in Eest as an assistant defence advisor. There was lack of education in the family so the father taught aggressive hand-to-hand combat and how to wield the Twin Butterfly Swords to the brothers.

When Briss was around 15 years old, there were signs of a war erupting around Aison. To avoid a clashing society, the family decided to move into the territory held by the Grand Alliance and headed west into Remon. At about the same time their father was offered to be the Regional Defence Advisor in Myridia. Justinius remained behind to defend Aison while the rest of the family fled abroad and eventually ended up settling into Maar Sul City.

In the years since the Cataclysm Justinius has continued working in Myridia despite the changes in leadership and the Grey Cult's rise to power, having accepted the new regime and his place in it. The mother of his children eventually passed away, and Sajon died a few years later as well when he was murdered by the Totenkopfs, leaving Briss, who began working as a sword for hire, as Justinius's only remaining relative.

Family Tree[edit | edit source]

Justinius Aurelius Phoenixheart
Sajon Phoenixheart
Briss Phoenixheart

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