Status: Dead
Age: Eternal
Race: God
Gender: Male
Class: God
Nation: High Plane
Faction: Gods
Era: First Age

Phil was the God of Arseholes and Bastards and supposedly the father of the Scuns. Nobody liked Phil, so according to some Creation Myths his mother Gaea ate him.


Early YearsEdit

"The Alarm rang again, and Gaea became self-aware. "Wow, this place sucks," She said, and verily did She want company. "Let there be Others like Me," she proclaimed, and there were the Gods, including Cardia, Mardük, and Phil."
—A Scun storyteller about the birth of Phil

Gaea gave birth to Phil who immediately began doing incredibly awful stuff which pissed off the other gods. According to some Creation Myths Phil was responsible for screwing up with the human gene pool, which gave birth to Scuns.


"Nobody liked Phil, so Gaea ate Him."
—A Scun storyteller about the death of Phil

Nobody liked Phil, so according to Scun tales his mother Gaea ate him. Everyone rejoiced (except Phil, for obvious reasons).


Although Phil was gone, he left an enduring legacy: Scuns, the most perfect mix of arseholes and bastards that had ever roamed the world. Even today the Scuns are a feared force that few dare to deal with.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

God of Arseholes and Bastards
Phil's full title.


Looked like an arsehole.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Acted like a bastard.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Had the ability to piss everyone off.



Gaea sort of cared for Phil at first...after all, why else would she have given birth to him? However, once it became clear that Phil's existence itself was warping reality, Gaea had no choice but to eat her son in order to save the universe.

Everyone ElseEdit

Everyone else hated Phil with a fiery shrieking passion.

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