Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Eastern Aison
Size Small city
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Humans
Ethnic group(s) Mahican, Paraisians
Religion(s) Grey Cult
Political Information
Government Governorate
Ruler(s) Governor Salvador Rojas
Faction(s) Arana de la Noche, Grey Cult
Historical Information
Age Third Age
"Paraiso, entertainment capital of Aison. One of the few places that news of a war would not damper any spirits. The people seemed not to care about the outside world. Their only world was their own, and their world was one of fun."
Abel Highwind about Paraiso

Paraiso is a lively city with a festive attitude and a hub of commerce in Eastern Aison in the Third Age. It has a large beach called Playa del Sol as well as many pubs, taverns and playhouses and also has a few Mahican living in it. Some other tourist attractions include its famous amusement park known as La Feria as well as the Minigame Square. The city is full of people who entertain and those who wish to be entertained, many sleeping through the scorching hot days and only coming out at night to earn their wages.


Paraiso in general isn't quite so walled off compared to many other cities and has a rather relaxed atmosphere thanks to its many festivals.

The governor rules from a hacienda nicknamed La Fortaleza (The Fortress), which is located near the docks on the northern side of the Sun Beach.

Tourist AttractionsEdit

"They're these games that the people here play. Not really hard or long games, so they're sort of mini games I guess. At that one you try to do more squats than the champ in a set time. Over there you watch a light go through a maze and try to follow its path. In that tent there a life size doll of yourself makes various moves and you have to mimic them. To the left of it is the one where you ride a giant bird and try to grab balloons while avoiding the other birds darting right at you. Down at the very end is the vine swinging course."
Sonny del Mudero to Abel Highwind about minigames

Paraiso is famous for its many, many minigames (named after how long it generally takes to play one although there are exceptions to the rule) which citizens and tourists alike play day after day to have some fun. The Minigame Square, located in the west side, is solely devoted to these kinds of joyful activities. The games range from relatively simple ones such as following a light through a maze to exceedingly frustrating ones such as trying to cross a corridor which is hit by lightning bolts every so often and getting a special prize, an invincibility potion, if one can dodge a lightning bolt 200 times a row.

The city also has a famous amusement park called La Feria (Funfair, or colloquially Money) which is located in the north side. In the east lies the famous miles-wide beach known as Playa del Sol (Sun Beach) which is a popular tourist resort where people go to relax or have a good siesta under the scorching sun.

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