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Status: Alive
Age: Eternal
Race: God
Gender: Male
Class: God
Nation: High Plane
Era: First Age

Paedün is the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. He is the brother of Mardük and Thoth and the father of the Lefein. He ended up opposing both of his brothers albeit for different reasons. He and most of the Lefein were sealed into a dimensional prison by the gods some time after the Chaos War for developing too advanced technology. Paedün's legacy was later upheld by the Magicracy of Alent which dedicated itself to increasing knowledge by any means necessary. The Feast of Paedün is named after the God of Wisdom himself.


Early Years[]

Chaos War[]


Aliases and Nicknames[]

God of Knowledge and Wisdom
His title.


He could assume different forms depending on who was looking at him. He often appeared as a golden, glowing man with moustache clad in a white, glowing armor.

Personality and Traits[]

He, like his people, was obsessed with improving technology and was troubled by the actions of his brothers. He was so determined to make his people the most advanced race that he eventually came into conflict with other gods.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the god of wisdom, he knows many things and is close to Hephaestus's level in forging different items. He is also a capable warrior although not among the best of his kin.



Gaea was Paedün's mother.

Liosliath de Mont Hault[]

Liosliath was one of Paedün's greatest disciples. Paedün looked after the Mont Hault family with great fondness and later saw much of Liosliath in Liosliath's descendant Daventhalas.


Mardük was Paedün's brother. The brothers were very close even if their ideas differed. Dreamweaver's fall to the shadow created a rift between Mardük and Paedün which escalated into a tragic conflict which left deep scars in Paedün's heart.


Thoth was Paedün's brother. Paedün was horrified by his brother turning into Death and fought against him with Mardük to seal him into the Land of the Dead. The fate of Thoth would plague Paedün for years to come and made him set the course for Lefein and technological advancement in order to prepare the world for Death's return, but it would lead to a tragic outcome for him and his children later on.

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