Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Size Village
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Humans
Historical Information

Onrac was a village in Cardia in the First Age. Jemuel lured King Unne there by news of monster attacks and later had the king assassinated while seizing power, which led to the Cardian War. Jemuel's forces also set the village ablaze, killing dozens of villagers in the process.

The village was populated again years later and survived the fall of Cardia. By the Second Age Onrac had become a modestly wealthy village in Grandbell, one of Cardia's successor states. Arawn Losstarot was born there and was eventually discovered by the Mullencamp who took him under their wing before Raistlin II could seize the boy.

After Arawn had grown up and become the leader of Mullencamp, he sent his elite hunters, the Vulfsatz, to raze Onrac to the ground and kill everyone living there to ensure that no other potential heirs of Losstarot, including Arawn's father, would later rise to challenge him for supremacy over Mullencamp. The village was left in ruins after the raid and was never populated again, and thus Onrac's dark and troubled history came to an equally troubled end.

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