Omaroch d'Zarnagon

Older Omaroch

Young Omaroch

Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon
Gender: Male
Class: Red Mage

Duke Omaroch d'Zarnagon is an archdemon and the youngest son of Grand Duke Malakhia and Grand Duchess Nhrakate of the House of Zarnagon. His curiosity led him into the Land of the Living where he eventually fell in love with Delora, a human cleric of Cardia, with whom he had two sons, Kareth and Refan. This caused a rift between him and other demons, and it eventually led to a personal tragedy from which he has never fully recovered. He worked for the Magicracy of Alent after the Cataclysm and joined the Andarian Empire in the Fourth Age.


Early YearsEdit

Omaroch was born as the youngest son of Grand Duke Malakhia d'Zarnagon and Grand Duchess Nhrakate d'Zarnagon in the House of Zarnagon. His father mysteriously disappeared in the early years of his childhood, and Nhrakate never told him what had happened to him.

Omaroch soon showed that he was quite different from his kin. While most demons lived in a vast underground labyrinth of Norash'namun in the Demon Realm and fought against one another, Omaroch was more interested in reading books and thinking about the great mysteries of life than fighting. His brothers often bullied him because of this, and he reluctantly decided to begin using his personal scythe Ferashna in battle in order to defend himself.

He read from the manuscripts how a bunch of mortals had banished the great demon lord Yurius, and he wondered how such lesser beings had been able to defeat a superior foe. This curiosity became an obsession over the following centuries as he desperately tried to unravel the secrets behind the mortals' hidden power.

During this time he befriended a younger demon named Ronove Thanadar who became his loyal servant and also got acquainted with Jahi Gallu, one of the demon prostitutes working in the city, and offered the two demons inspiring words which would affect them for years to come.

Darkness WithinEdit

A New WorldEdit


Young Omaroch.

Time moved on, but Omaroch's obsession remained. Eventually he asked his mother to let him go to the world of mortals so that he could discover the mortals' power and then return with that knowledge back to the Demon Realm. Nhrakate flatly refused her son's offer, claiming that they could not afford to show themselves to mortals lest the god Cardia would learn of the demons' existence and wipe them all out.

The disappointed Omaroch was not going to give up that easily, however. He waited until his brothers and other demons attended a midsummer festival, and he snuck out. Using the archdemon powers that dwelt within him, he breached the dimensional ward and reached the entrance to the mortal plane. He broke out and found himself at the entrance of a cave on the border of a forest.

He studied the world around him and met various mortals, beasts and even gods. Originally he did what he pleased and killed anyone he wanted until he realized that senseless killing would only alert others to his existence. He also knew that his mother and brothers would eventually find out about his escape and would go after him, so he had to hurry and find a way to discover the mortals' hidden power, whatever that may be.

Hunt for the Dragon DiamondEdit

Unfortunately for him, he got involved in a complex plot, and as a result the gods Shakkan and Heath ordered him to find the Dragon Diamond and thus prevent an impending apocalypse. He was not happy about this assignment but grudgingly accepted it because he knew he was not quite a match for the gods... yet. The gods sent their disciples, named Aramien and Taruck, to accompany him on this quest.

The trio had a hard time at co-operating with each other at first, but eventually they warmed up, and even Omaroch had to admit that he was slowly growing fond of his new companions who eased his loneliness and who taught him things about the world of mortals.

They managed to track the Dragon Diamond to Fragnar where it was in the possession of a knight named Cedric Malak and his Fire Lizards. It turned out that Malak was planning to use the diamond to track down shards of the powerful weapon Krystallopyr and release the dark dragon Frazzn'korth and use this power to rule all realms, including Omaroch's home plane.

Taking the diamond back from the villains was not an easy task, however, and Malak and his knights attacked the trio. Omaroch revealed his demonic nature which surprisingly did not seem to scare Malak at all. Instead the young archdemon found himself overpowered by the 'mere' human Malak and had to retreat while his companions snatched the diamond in the ensuing chaos and fled elsewhere.

He eventually regained his senses and found himself injured from the brutal battle. Someone had found him and brought him to a place that seemed to be a hospital. Two of Malak's henchmen tracked him, but he managed to slew them with trickery and drank their blood to regain his strength.

During his escape from this hospital he realized that it also housed an asylum. There he met a rambling lunatic who claimed to be the real Cedric Malak and that the earlier Malak was only an impostor. Confused by the madman's tale, Omaroch fled but swore to hunt down every single Fire Lizard, including the fake Malak because he wanted to make them pay for the humiliation that they had caused him.

Confronting MalakhiaEdit

Omaroch was reunited with Aramien and Taruck, and they ran into various adversaries during their journey, including a dutiful knight named Michael Ferron and two vampiresses named Larosa and Tedia. After defeating the vampiresses and inadvertently saving Ferron's life, Omaroch resumed the hunt for Malak.

Ferron chose to tag along with the trio because of gratitude and because he was alarmed by Malak's plan, particularly because the Malak he had known was a famous war hero and not a megalomaniac. This only helped fuel Omaroch's suspicion, and he wondered if the madman had been right about Malak being fake after all.

They eventually reached a temple in the middle of a deep forest in Northern Remon and returned the diamond to Shakkan and Heath. However, Malak suddenly showed up and somehow harnessed the diamond's powers to beat back Ferron and Shakkan. Heath and Shakkan realized that Malak had already found a way to use the diamond's power, and they fled, not wanting to get killed. Omaroch realized that it would be up to him and his companions to stop Malak.

Omaroch's suspicions were confirmed during the ensuing battle when Malak told him that he had indeed impersonated the real Malak for his own needs. The fake Malak was in fact a demon named Malakhia who claimed to have influenced the actions of various famous villains throughout history, including Yurius himself. Omaroch was awed by the elder demon's cunning but nevertheless continued the struggle despite the rival's taunts. He wanted to see the world and he did not want anyone, not even a fellow demon, to destroy the world until he had done what he wanted to do.

Malakhia was too powerful for Omaroch, however, and everything seemed to be over when something unexpected happened: Taruck rose to oppose Malakhia. Before Omaroch could properly react, Taruck managed to make the temple crumble: the plan turned out to be burying himself, the diamond and Malakhia under the rubble so that no one could be able to use the Dragon Diamond ever again. Taruck asked Omaroch and Aramien to escape and take care of the late Michael Ferron's son, Jonathan.

Before either Omaroch or Aramien could argue back, the temple came crashing down on Malakhia, Taruck and the diamond. Omaroch and Aramien barely escaped alive but did not have much time to catch their breath or pay respects to their fallen comrade because they were ambushed by the remaining Fire Lizards immediately afterwards.

Journey to RemontonEdit

Omaroch was weakened after the battle and could not resist, so he was subdued easily. He could do nothing but watch as the Fire Lizards raped Aramien in front of his eyes; for him, however, it was a curious phenomenon and he only watched it like a scientific process. He could not help taunting the Fire Lizards, however, particularly Kaaf who had become the new leader of the Fire Lizards after Malakhia's demise.

Kaaf was more than eager to silence Omaroch permanently, but help came from an unexpected source: a strange, mute man in weird armor arrived at the scene and rescued Omaroch and Aramien from a certain death.

This new trio fled from the enraged Fire Lizards, and Omaroch learned the mute man's name: Daventhalas de Mont Hault. He had read of the legendary Liosliath de Mont Hault and was surprised to see the famed engineer's descendant in front of him. Although suspicious of Daven, he realized that he owed him his life, so he grudgingly took him along. They decided to head as far from the forest as they could; after all, Omaroch was still heavily injured and could not protect himself properly, and Aramien was too shocked by the rape to do anything.

They happened on a scene where a group of robbers tried to kill a group of travellers. Although Omaroch could not care less, he found Aramien and Daven rushing to the scene to help the travellers. He joined the fray soon after, and the robbers were dealt with accordingly. The leader of the travellers, Count Virgil Albrigant, expressed his interest in taking the group along as bodyguards to Remonton. Although Omaroch was not happy about it, he realized that going to Remonton might be a good way to learn more about Remon.

The groups eventually reached a mansion in Remonton where they ate and drank and discussed various worldly affairs. It was in the mansion where Omaroch's group met with young Jonathan Ferron and told him of his father Michael's noble sacrifice. Virgil volunteered to act as Jonathan's surrogate father from that point onward as a means to help his deceased friend, Michael.

Escape from the MansionEdit

However, it soon became clear that Count Virgil was anything but benevolent: Omaroch discovered him trying to rape Jonathan at night and realized that Virgil was actually a cold sociopath who only wanted to shag children. Daven took Aramien and the young Jonathan away while Omaroch was left behind to stall Virgil.

Omaroch did not end up fighting against Virgil, however: he faced the count's accomplice, a duke named Koschei Dravaris who easily subdued Omaroch and told him that he was in fact a Lefein vampire and thus more powerful than a meager demon like Omaroch. Before losing consciousness, he heard a mysterious person addressing Dravaris and mentioning something about the Order and a grand plan. He realized that there was more going on in this world than he had anticipated.

Omaroch woke up in prison and talked to his cell mate who was Raphael Darness. He learned useful information from Raph but before they could continue their conversation, he was taken out of Raph's cell and escorted to a so-called machine where he was to be interrogated by Virgil himself.

The pain from the machine was unbearable, and Omaroch nearly lost himself until once again fate smiled upon him. Virgil's young son, Dante Albrigant, appeared and confronted his father. It turned out that Virgil had even molested Dante who had secretly been studying magic to make his father pay. The terrified Virgil tried to subdue his son but in vain. Dante had grown powerful, and he quickly disintegrated his father with black magic.

Dante promised to let Omaroch go but only on one condition: Omaroch would have to kill Dravaris who had been responsible for Virgil's madness. Omaroch was more than eager to obey because he also had a score to settle with Dravaris. He spread as much chaos around as possible by releasing Raph and various other prisoners.

During the ensuing chaos Omaroch witnessed a meeting between Dravaris and the mysterious person from before whose name was revealed to be Saleos. Brushing thoughts of the mysterious Order aside, Omaroch attacked Dravaris while Saleos simply teleported away after telling Dravaris to take care of the mess.

The duel between Dravaris and Omaroch was brutal, but Omaroch triumphed in the end and brutally mutilated Dravaris's lower body. He left the Lefein vampire behind to die while Raph and the rest of the prisoners escaped from the mansion. This also had an impact on Remonton itself because many of the prisoners had been murderers who were now eager to resume looting and butchering anyone they came across. Omaroch did not care: he was free at last, and he would finally be able to continue his quest.

But, as luck would have it, the weakened Omaroch once again found himself next to the Fire Lizards who quickly subdued him. Angered at these constant interferences, Omaroch wanted to break free but realized that he would have to bide his time and wait for a chance to escape and recover from his wounds.

A New BurdenEdit

During his time as a captive Omaroch learned of the Fire Lizards' plans. Not only were they trying to excavate the ruins of Shakkan's temple to find the lost Dragon Diamond but they also planned to spread out and cause chaos around the world so that they could pave way for their master's return.

Omaroch didn't believe that Malakhia had survived, but the plan troubled him nevertheless. If the Fire Lizards found enough magical artifacts and combined them with the Dragon Diamond, they could continue Malakhia's plan and plunge the world into eternal darkness. As much as Omaroch hated to admit it, he had come to care for the world and was also driven by revenge, so he promised to slay all the Fire Lizards and stop their vile plans.

With help from a thief named Sullena, Omaroch escaped and slew many Fire Lizard supporters along the way. However, he was weak and had to hide, so Sullena took him down to the underground hive where a group of thieves lived. Despite Sullena's pleas Omaroch wasn't ready to join any organization, and he left the thief after he had recovered enough. Sullena said that they would certainly meet again and then Omaroch would finally have to make a choice about what to do in this world: whether to destroy it as a demon or save it as a mortal.

After some misadventures Omaroch found himself in a theatre where he saw a beautiful woman, Delora, sing in a musical called Rusokan and Abseria. The performance touched the artistic Omaroch deeply, and he went to meet her. However, the meeting didn't end up well when the Fire Lizards' minions found Omaroch and attacked him. In the process Omaroch accidentally slew Delora's brother and had to kidnap Delora to escape from the theatre alive.

Delora was less than pleased about being carried by what she deemed a monster, and she eventually made Omaroch snap. His demonic instincts took over and he raped Delora, thinking that it would make her relax. However, Delora now saw herself as defiled and realized she could never return home to her strict parents. She had been broken and quietly asked if she could follow Omaroch around. Despite Omaroch's objections he eventually ended up taking the girl with him.

Omaroch met with Aramien, Daven and young Ferron, and explained to them the Fire Lizards' plans. Aramien convinced him to follow them to Folsworth Woods to stop the Fire Lizards as well as the known dark elf rebel Egendaul Korath. Along the way the group was attacked by the vampiresses Larosa and Tedia, and once again Omaroch beat them. Now Omaroch also had to worry about keeping Delora safe because he felt that she had become his responsibility and burden. Perhaps his love for her singing made him feel ashamed for raping her, and he wanted to compensate by protecting her.

Battle in the Ruined KingdomEdit

Omaroch's group spent years hunting for the Fire Lizards and slaying them one by one in every corner of the world, each time barely preventing their vile plans while gaining valuable allies and friends such as Sullena. During this time Omaroch and Delora grew closer and eventually fell in love despite their earlier animosity and awkwardness.

It was eventually Delora who grew to understand demon way of thinking and saw past that to the person who Omaroch really was. She realized humans and demons weren't so different after all and that maybe she could help build a bridge between their worlds. She defrosted Omaroch and turned him into a better person who now fully committed himself to not only saving the world but also taking care of her and learning more about humanity from her. Delora gave birth to their son, Kareth d'Zarnagon, and remained by Omaroch's side as the group hurried to put an end to the last of the Fire Lizards.

Omaroch and his companions hurried to the Ruined Kingdom in Remon to confront Kaaf once they heard of his plans to resurrect the Dark Dragon. To their horror they discovered that Kaaf was accompanied by Malakhia who hadn't died even though Omaroch had thought so. It turned out that Malakhia had been behind the Fire Lizards' plans all along, staying in the shadows to prepare for the dragon's resurrection.

During the ensuing battle Kaaf and many heroes lost their lives. Omaroch faced Malakhia who suddenly revealed his true identity: he was Malakhia d'Zarnagon, Omaroch's father. Omaroch's mother Nhrakate d'Zarnagon had banished Malakhia when he had tried to take over the Demon Realm. He had lost his memories and had wandered the world until he had regained his identity. Now that he recognized Omaroch as his son, he asked him to join him so that they could plunge the world into darkness together.

However, Omaroch had learned to love the world and its people by now thanks to Delora's friendship and love and refused his evil father's offer. Emboldened by Delora's presence, he explained that friendship and love had given the mortals the power to defeat powerful foes such as Yurius and that Malakhia would never be able to subdue their will to live. This infuriated Malakhia who cast the final spell to set the Dark Dragon free.

All seemed lost but then the young Ferron acted. He used his latent magical powers to stop Malakhia and thus avenge his father whom Malakhia had slain earlier. The vengeance filled the boy's heart with darkness, and he gave Omaroch enough time to attack the surprised Malakhia and plunge the demon's spirit into the Dragon Diamond, thus sealing the demon and the Dark Dragon seemingly permanently. The Ruined Kingdom suffered a tremendous earthquake, and Omaroch and his surviving companions Ferron, Delora, Kareth, Aramien and Sullena barely survived the catastrophe.

The group's long quest was finally over. They took Ferron to Ferron's family estate so that the boy could finally live a life of peace. However, they were unaware of the darkness which had entered the boy's heart during the battle. After farewells, Omaroch left Aramien and Sullena as well and returned with his family to start a new life of peace in Remonton.

Paradise LostEdit

Along the way Omaroch confronted operatives from the Order of the Black Rose who demanded he told him what happened to the Dragon Diamond. He refused to tell them anything and then they revealed that they would kill his family unless he came with them to the Order's headquarters in Maar Sul City.

It was in that city where Omaroch finally confronted the Order's mysterious leader Antigonus de Ardyn and the man's brother Belial de Ardyn. Antigonus tried to sway Omaroch to join the Order, but Omaroch demanded his family back. The demon's insistence angered Antigonus who threatened Omaroch and the family if they refused to co-operate. This was the final straw, and Omaroch laid waste to the base, decimating the Order.

Antigonus fought against Omaroch for a long time and held his ground. Eventually Omaroch found a hole in Antigonus's defense, though, and defeated him brutally. Belial saw Omaroch strike Antigonus down, but Antigonus had an ace in his sleeve and cast a spell on Omaroch while trying to teleport away. It was thanks to the spell that Omaroch's latent magic powers increased, and he ended up teleporting away at the same time with Antigonus, leaving the injured but alive Belial behind.

The dark powers of Omaroch and Antigonus reacted to each other, hurling each man to a different area. Omaroch ended up near the caverns which led to the Demon Realm, thus alerting the demons to his presence. Antigonus, meanwhile, was trapped between different planes of reality, unable to leave and seemingly doomed to stay in this fate worse than death forever. Shaken by the battles he had fought, Omaroch returned to his family.

Relative peace had finally returned to Omaroch's life. He chose to live in the world of mortals with his wife and son and learn as much as he could about the world. He hoped that he could one day let his kin know that demons and mortals could coexist. However, he sadly realized that tensions were rising in Remon: elves and men were on the brink of civil war, constantly sending raiding parties to each other's villages. Omaroch chose to stay out of it, instead focusing on his family.

However, Omaroch's powers were growing and he could hardly supress them anymore. This strong magic attracted clerics of various deities, and Omaroch realized his family might be in danger. He left them for a while, hoping to lure the clerics away from their home because he knew that the clerics might try to use his family for their own ends. During Omaroch's travels Delora gave birth to their second son, Refan d'Zarnagon.

Although Omaroch had managed to keep the clerics off his tail, he had not expected that his demonic brothers would come after him personally. He realized that facing his older brothers might mean death, so he appeared at Delora's home for the last time, saying bitter farewells to his family. He said sad farewells to the infant Refan, comforting him that his family would always be by his side. He also asked Kareth to become the man of the house while he was away. Kareth swore to keep the family safe.

Captured and BrainwashedEdit

"You've been my greatest student, Ronove, and you've brought honour to your clan. Maybe one day you'll even surpass me, and I hope that you'll keep in mind what I've taught you. Never say that you're not ready! You've already become the one you were meant to be: my successor. You have the power, so use it wisely."
—Omaroch to Ronove Thanadar

Omaroch left but didn't realize this would be the last time he'd see the family together. Only about a week later his demonic brothers ambushed him and dragged him back to the Demon Realm. Nhrakate confronted her son, accusing him of treason for aiding the mortals. Omaroch did his best to defend himself but it wasn't enough. He was subdued and had to suffer through lots of torture in the hands of the demon Vassago.

The demons slowly broke his mind, and he began telling them his story in chronological order. Vassago was very interested in the story, eventually becoming obsessed with Omaroch. In the end Omaroch's spirit was crushed when Nhrakate told him that his wife had been killed by the swords of rogues and his sons had disappeared without a trace.

Nhrakate was telling Omaroch the truth from a certain point of view: although Delora had been attacked by bandits, Kareth had been sold to the Clergy of Mardük, and Sullena had taken Refan under his wing to be raised among the Ravensworth Thieves' Guild. She distorted the truth to crush Omaroch and turn him into an obedient servant of Mardük. The plan worked, and Omaroch became a broken shell of a demon, a loyal servant to the forces of Darkness.

Omaroch took control of a large demon army and was reunited with Ronove who became his closest minion. They were given the task to purge the realm of any dissident demon who didn't wish to join any of the reigning archdemons. These campaigns took years, but in the end Ronove was successful in wiping the rebels out and stabilizing Clan d'Zarnagon's rule over the other clans.

Now that the home front was secure and united under Mardük's banner, Nhrakate could finally concentrate on bigger things. She informed Omaroch of a prophecy involving the dark god Mardük's release and the invasion of demons to the mortal plane. In order to achieve this, a demon who was familiar with the outside world would have to gather various artifacts to prepare for freeing the Dark Dragon which would become Mardük's beast with which demons would take over the world.

Nhrakate saw Omaroch was the only candidate to do the job, not only because of his strength and wisdom but because he had fathered two half-demon sons who had an important part to play in the prophecy. Omaroch was sent to the world of mortals once more, and he left Ronove behind as a temporary leader of the Central Horde until his return.

Distreyd EraEdit

The Dark WandererEdit


Older Omaroch.

Omaroch had been given a specific task: he had to fulfill a prophecy which foretold Mardük's return to the Land of the Living and the demons' ultimate victory. In order to fulfill this prophecy, Omaroch would have to guide his sons' innate ambitions and turn them into mortal enemies. Only the brothers' clash fueled with pure hatred and the released power of their demonic forms would grant Mardük the power to break free of his infernal prison.

Omaroch followed the activities of his son Kareth (who was now calling himself Zarnagon) and Refan. He was the one who gave Sullena crucial information about the arrival of the Dragon Diamond to the docks of Ravensworth, which resulted in the first confrontation of adult Refan and Zarnagon and began the two men's rivalry.

He followed his sons to Fragnar, confronting them under the alias of the Wanderer and giving them cryptic advice. His actions had promising results: Zarnagon became more ambitious and also curious of his lineage, and Refan became more determined to stop Zarnagon and find out what had happened to his father.

Omaroch spent years perfecting his master's plans. He helped the Clergy of Mardük on various occasions and even had a few imps who acted as his spies. However, world politics interfered, and Zarnagon relocated to Aison to lead the Yamatian armies there in the years of the Yamatian Invasion, having become the second most powerful sorcerer in the clergy. This prompted Omaroch to guide Refan's steps so that the brothers would eventually meet as was foretold in the prophecy.

Alliances and BetrayalsEdit

"I trusted you, Aramien. Don't you remember the last time we talked before I left? I told you not to tell anything about me to my sons if they ever found you and asked about me and what I had done in my past. What you did wasn't nice. You almost ruined everything! What if Refan had found out what his real purpose is? What if he had known what happened to his brother? What would he think if he found out the truth before he was ready to face it? He's not ready, Aramien, not yet. I have to do this, because my lord Mardük demands it. Yes, I serve him now like I served him when I was younger. My brothers showed me the way, and I must obey my master. I am what I am, and I cannot escape my heritage, and neither can Refan. I won't allow you to spread my story further, Aramien. That's why you have to die."
"You...serve...Mardük? So, your brothers...truly broke your heart. They succeeded in...turning you to darkness once more. But why...Refan? You cannot...keep him out of this for much longer. He is clever and he will...find out the truth sooner or later. You were my friend, Omaroch, and you were...much more. I...loved you, and I always will. I want you to know...that you can turn back to...the light."
"It's too late for me now. I do what must be done, and I obey my lord Mardük's commands. There is no other way."
—Omaroch and Aramien Bitterleaf

Omaroch prepared everything in the shadows for Mardük's eventual reawakening. He subtly guided Refan's steps and received intel from his imp minion whom he ordered to manipulate both the forces of the Grand Alliance and Yamato Empire to ensure that Refan would survive the battles ahead to fulfill his role in the prophecy. During the Battle of Folsworth Woods, Omaroch ended up saving Refan from the Shadow before vanishing.

He also confronted his old friend Aramien Bitterleaf, an old ally from his adventuring days, whom he accused of nearly revealing his demonic heritage to Refan. Aramien defended herself against Omaroch's accusations and told him that sooner or later Refan would learn the truth and that she had only vaguely hinted at it instead of revealing the full story to him. She asked Omaroch to fight back the darkness of Mardük, but Omaroch retorted that it was too late and that he could do nothing but carry out Mardük's agenda. The tearful reunion ended with Omaroch killing Aramien to ensure that his secret would go to the grave with her; he couldn't risk Refan learning the truth from her at this point in time. He left Aramien's corpse behind without feeling any remorse: the brainwashing had been so thorough that Omaroch was now nothing more than a mindless puppet of Mardük who would even sacrifice his former companions to carry out the dark god's agenda.

After the Alliance won the battle, Omaroch left the woods, satisfied with the outcome. He knew that future events would lead Refan to Zarnagon and to the inevitable confrontation which would lead to the desired outcome. Mardük's voice guided him to Northern Remon where he met with Richelieu, a cleric of Mardük who had defected from Zarnagon after the two came at odds with how to best serve Mardük. Omaroch introduced himself as the Wanderer, using an old alias from his adventuring days, and eventually convinced Richelieu to trust him when he claimed their goals aligned.

Richelieu and Omaroch were eventually summoned to meet with the dark cleric Dante Albrigant's apprentice, the Protege, who turned out to be a very cunning man. The three negotiated for quite some time to figure out their next course of action after Dante had died and the Alliance's army was ready to invade Fragnar. In the end Omaroch decided to speed things up when Mardük informed him that the current high cleric Distreyd Thanadar XII had betrayed the clergy's cause and wasn't willing to release Mardük and that the Protege would be Mardük's next chosen who would carry out the prophecy to its end. Omaroch thus revealed himself as a demon while he also let Richelieu and the Protege learn his true name. The Protege likewise revealed that he was in fact Jemuel, a mage whom Dante and the clergy had resurrected.

Setting the StageEdit

The trio decided it was time to relocate before the Alliance would crush the defenders of Fragnar, and they agreed that Libaterra would be the next logical location. It was during their journey that they came to meet a masked mage who called himself Drishnek and who gave them valuable intel on the Alliance's and the dark clergy's schemes. Omaroch soon sensed that Drishnek was no ordinary mage but a lich, an undead sorcerer. The group was in need of allies to face both the Alliance and Distreyd's forces, so they reluctantly welcomed Drishnek into their ranks.

Jemuel and Drishnek manipulated events so that one of Jemuel's clones, Rune, would lead a team of the Alliance's heroes underneath Lutherin and use the Cricket Ball of Magic to disrupt Distreyd's considerable magic might. However, the event would also lead to the Reactor Core Explosion which would turn the Libaterran populace against the Alliance which had caused such devastation before Jemuel's posse would appear and save the city and thus gain the Libaterrans' trust.

While Jemuel and Drishnek began setting the plan in motion, Omaroch travelled to Myridia because he learned that the fated reunion of Refan and Zarnagon was at hand. He arrived just in time to witness the duel during which both men turned into their demonic forms and how the duel ended in a draw. He also prevented Jonathan Ferron from slaughtering the two although at the time he wasn't aware that Ferron was in fact the same boy who had once travelled with him during the events of Darkness Within.

Omaroch revealed that Zarnagon was in fact Refan's long lost brother Kareth and that the two were his sons and important pawns to ensure Mardük's reawakening. Refan, unable to take the truth, fled from the scene whereas Zarnagon--or Kareth as he now called himself--accepted his heritage as he finally realized why Omaroch had been appearing to him every once in a while. Omaroch was about to pursue Refan but couldn't when the Second Battle of Myridia ended in the Alliance's victory and he didn't want to risk fighting the entire Alliance army to catch his son. Omaroch and Kareth fled from Myridia as the Alliance stormed the city and decided to head for the Ruined Kingdom where Omaroch had last battled Malakhia.

Omaroch and Kareth began the summoning ritual, using the spirit of Malakhia in the Dragon Diamond as a conduit to resurrect the dark dragon Frazzn'korth who would act as one of Mardük's champions. However, Kareth suddenly betrayed Omaroch by stabbing him in the back and instead merged with Malakhia and Frazzn'korth. The wounded Omaroch barely survived the encounter but before he could prevent Kareth from messing up the plans, he could no longer see his son--or the Dragon Diamond--anywhere.


Kareth's betrayal temporarily robbed Omaroch of his memories of what had happened in the Ruined Kingdom. Confused by what he had been doing there, he decided to head for Libaterra to meet up with Jemuel who by now had gathered a sizable group of mages around himself. Jemuel asked him to accompany Drishnek and Richelieu to Vulpengaard Keep so they could finally end the threat posed by Distreyd XII now that the Alliance had charged the Cricket Ball of Magic with the ancient reactor's magic and thus weakened Distreyd's considerable powers. Omaroch agreed and took Jemuel to the keep where he witnessed how Jemuel assassinated the weakened high cleric in cold blood. Mardük's plan was coming to fruition as the traitors to the cause were weeded out.

While Drishnek and Richelieu stole valuable information from the clergy's libraries as well as secured some influential people such as Ariadne, Omaroch met a face from the past who was none other than Jahi Gallu, the same demon prostitute he had befriended in Norash'namun years ago. Jahi and a few of her demonic followers had appeared in the world in Vulpengaard as they wanted to aid Omaroch in creating a haven for demons and other mortal races in the Land of the Living as well as promote Mardük's agenda. Omaroch took Jahi and her demon followers with him as Jemuel and the rest of his comrades returned to Libaterra to put the next stage of their plan in motion.

It was during this time that Jemuel and Drishnek's plan came to fruition and the Reactor Core Explosion occurred with the expected results thanks to the Alliance putting the Cricket Ball of Magic into the reactor core. Jemuel and his posse swooped in just in time to accuse the Alliance for the deed and then, with Omaroch and Jahi's demons, managed to shield the rest of Libaterra from the explosion which destroyed Lutherin in a flash of light.

Jemuel quickly took over the city which he renamed Alent and appointed Drishnek, Richelieu and Omaroch as his chief advisors while they began rebuilding the city into what would be known as the Magicracy of Alent. The Alliance fled from Libaterra while Jemuel's group now faced a new dilemma: the Faerfolc Rampage. Jemuel's Alentians put up a good fight as they protected Alent from the Faerfolc and in the end the Faerfolc grew tired of the bloodshed and retreated to forests but not before Jemuel managed to lure some of them to cause havoc in the Rebel lands around Trinity Gask, an act which would have grave repercussions later.

Unforeseen ConsequencesEdit

Omaroch eventually sensed that Mardük was finally walking the earth and heard his call to rally all demons under his banner. Leaving Jahi behind in Alent, Omaroch hurried to Yamato only to witness how Mardük opened a Gate of Darkness to the Demon Realm and how countless demons poured into the world to aid the Clergy of Mardük in defeating the Alliance's army.

It was then that the god Cardia appeared and directly challenged Mardük, but their fated duel ended abruptly when a new being, who Omaroch realized resembled Frazzn'korth and yet looked different, swooped in and devoured both gods. The Great War came to a sudden end as the now masterless demons ran amok and attacked both Yamatians, clerics and Alliance forces alike.

Mardük's death also had the side effect of finally freeing Omaroch from the effects of the brainwashing as well as restored his memories about the betrayal in the Ruined Kingdom. He realized how he'd been used and how Jahi's arrival to the Land of the Living had been but a prelude to Mardük releasing all demons to the world. Omaroch could do little to save the panicking Yamatians from demons' wrath; he knew he couldn't face all his brethren by himself, so he decided to flee with the few people he could save, including the young but skilled mage Takeru Tanaka.

The Godslayer's attack and the simultaneous deaths of the two gods caused a worldwide catastrophe, the Cataclysm, which rearranged the continents and ushered in an age of isolation. Omaroch could do nothing but witness the devastation first-hand as he and some of the Yamatians he had saved fled back to Alent. He realized that the beast Godslayer who had caused all this had in fact been the merging of Frazzn'korth, Malakhia and Kareth and that he was to blame for the beast's birth by bringing Kareth to the Ruined Kingdom. Omaroch swore that from that day on he'd atone for what he'd done and do what he could to save his family and hopefully bring peace to the world one way or another.


Omaroch's first actions as he returned to Alent was to help in rebuilding the city from the aftermath of the Reactor Core Explosion. He convinced Jahi and her demons to retreat to the Threshold district for now because he realized Libaterra wasn't ready to have demons openly interacting with the other races. Omaroch also became a member of the Council of Mages although he kept his demonic side hidden from most of the population even though many savvy Alentians were aware of his demonic nature.

The power of the Magicracy of Alent grew over the years following the Cataclysm, and so did Jemuel's thirst for power. Omaroch and Richelieu grew worried of Drishnek's influence over Jemuel but could do little to sway him out of the lich's influence because Jemuel's power was absolute.

Omaroch also had to focus on other things when he found himself the target of several demon assassins over the years. He learned that these assassins had been sent by Vassago, the demon who had tortured him in Norash'namun years ago, and that his old friend and student Ronove Thanadar had seemingly perished as various demon hordes had fought for power over the ravaged Yamato.

Omaroch was now viewed as a traitor to the demon cause and many of his supporters in the once active Central Horde were either decimated or absorbed into other demon hordes. Worst of all, his mother Nhrakate d'Zarnagon now ruled over the Yamatian capital of Kageshima while Dukes and Duchesses of four other hordes held as much power as her. The only thing that had saved the world from an all-out invasion was that the hordes mainly focused on fighting among themselves and because Mardük wasn't around anymore to guide their steps.

Much to his surprise, Omaroch also learned that Kareth's son Xerathas d'Zarnagon had become the leader of the Grey Cult, a force which worshipped the Godslayer who had moved to Aison after the Cataclysm. He now knew where one family line resided and focused his efforts on locating Refan but to no avail. It was difficult for Alent to send forces to scout other areas in the world, especially while Drishnek and Jemuel were keeping a close eye on fellow councillors.

Years passed with Omaroch defeating demon assassins while gathering intel and using Takeru as his right-hand man in constructing new mage towers in Alent. He also saw how isolationist Jahi and her children became and how Threshold became twisted with demon magic. He realized she was hurt but had his hands full with other projects and couldn't devote his time to her.

Omaroch hoped to set things right one day, reunite with his family and hopefully find the means to put an end to the demon threat from Yamato. He would have to collaborate with Jemuel and tolerate his ambitions for the time being but at least a couple of friends in the council he could rely on such as Richelieu and Harrad U'niviel.

Godslayer EraEdit

On Death's TrailEdit

"Are we to trade the shackles of Cardia for those of the underworld? Tell me, Omaroch, tell me one time where consorting with the likes of, of Drishnek has ever turned out well?"
"Perhaps the same could be said of demons."
"Ha. You’re funny. Maybe if you didn’t have an assassin after you every week from the demonic council, I’d think the same of you."
Richelieu and Omaroch

Echoes of WarEdit

"One shouldn't underestimate the power of higher-level demons. You might be able to fool the grunts, but I assure you that the Hoch des Rot and Dreadlord Leraje are in a different league as far as power and detection skills are concerned. If you face them in combat, you will die."
—Omaroch to Steve

A Crimson DawnEdit

"His Grace has set his sights on Libaterra and that he has sent His Lordship Leraje to prepare the forces of the Northern Horde. He wants you to know that there's nothing any of you can do anymore. You'll either bow down before the might of His Grace's Horde or be destroyed."
Vassago to Omaroch

Tears of the SunEdit

"We've secured the northern pass through the mountains and refortified Etheril. Because of the support they will continue to support us. The lower pass was overrun by the Coalition by the time we got there, and we pulled back to organize our troops near the lake. Unless we take the pass, the city could be attacked from the southern side."
—Omaroch to Jemuel

Sowing SeasonEdit

"I leave town for a few days and see what trouble you get yourself into. Perhaps you are getting old."
"Need I remind you that you are far older than I am, Omaroch?"
"Not if you want to live."
—Omaroch and Harrad U'niviel

Devourer's ReachEdit

"I knew you'd return eventually, my son."
"Then you also know why I've come here. Your reign of terror is at an end, mother. I'm done running away."
Nhrakate d'Zarnagon and Omaroch

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The Point of No ReturnEdit

"You've truly embraced that darkness within, then. Are you controlling that power, or is it controlling you, though?"
"There's no darkness; there's only one's true self. I hid from it for too long, and because of my cowardice my loved ones got hurt. But I don't intend to hide anymore. I'll use my power to take back what's rightfully mine and..."
"...and in the end you'll still end up hurting your loved ones because of that very power. I know, Refan. I've been through the same thing."
—Omaroch and Refan d'Zarnagon

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A Cry in the DarkEdit

"I've already broken your son, and soon I'll have your grandsons as well, twisting them into my image. Then my victory over you will be complete. There are things you don't know about me, things even Ronove and the other members of the Four have yet to discover. Soon all of you will come to realize who's truly the one in charge."
"Empty threats, that's all you have. I was once full of anger like you...until I found Delora. If I hadn't found her, I might've ended up like you."
"Cling to the pathetic dreams of a life you've lost. Your family won't be coming back...they've all betrayed you, abandoned you. Enjoy these fleeting moments in darkness. That's all you'll have left before you meet your end."
—Malphas d'Xuvadon and Omaroch

Much to Omaroch's surprise, a rescuer did show up to free him from Vanna's dungeon, and that rescuer was none other than his former student Lynnea Stargazer.

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Deceiver's GambitEdit

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Heart of DarknessEdit

"You were right. I am a failure in so many ways. I've always failed to protect what I care for the most, and because of that I've lost that which matters: my family, my friends. I struggle in vain even when the world turns my children against me and takes the love of my life from me while my very own parents have become my worst enemies. I can't risk hurting anyone else by letting them come close like Delora did. I don't want to lose anyone else like I lost her and so many others. Please understand, Jahi. I'm doing this to...protect you."
—Omaroch to Jahi Gallu

Omaroch and Durin arrived in the Anti Mage Police's holding cells to interrogate the captive Razravkar Dominus while Irinthiel would watch them. The councillors asked several questions although Omaroch's interest lay more on the details surrounding the earlier battle in Threshold and what part Razravkar had played in the demise of the demon mage Dantalion.

Despair's WakeEdit

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

A name given to Omaroch by other demons.
Grand Magus
Omaroch's title when he acted as the General of Alent's Western Army against the forces of the Crimson Coalition.
What Omaroch called himself (and what many knew him as) when he was travelling around the world of mortals first as a rogue demon and then as an agent of Mardük.


Omaroch wears a brown, casual robe and can occasionally be seen with a straw hat. He wields a scythe named Ferasha in battle. He currently looks like a man in his fifties, with dark, greying beard and moustache and fierce eyes.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Omaroch was originally a cold person who did not care about the suffering of others. However, the time he spent with others slowly made him sympathize with "lesser beings", and marrying Delora and becoming a father of two sons helped thaw his cold, calculating heart. He was detached after his seeming brainwashing at the hands of Nhrakate but Mardük's death regained his senses and made him feel guilt of what he had done.

However, he has always had a fiery spirit within even if he might look cold on the outside. Nowadays he has his weird, almost morbid sense of humour and seems to be loyal to anyone he befriends. He holds his family close to his heart even if neither of his sons did what he had expected them to do. He is also fond of playing a lute in his free time or when he wants to take his mind off current matters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Omaroch relies more on brute force and intellect than magic although he is capable of above average spells because of his status as an archdemon. He prefers not to fight if possible but if he gets serious, he will be brutally efficient. He favours using his scythe Ferashna in battle but rarely uses his demon form nowadays because he knows that the use of dark power would alarm many people.


Antigonus de ArdynEdit

Antigonus wanted to use Omaroch as a pawn in his grand game of deception. However, he did not anticipate that Omaroch would act openly against him, and it cost him his life. Antigonus was one of Omaroch's greatest opponents but in the end even he was not a match for the matured Omaroch's power.

Belial de ArdynEdit

One word described the way Belial felt when he thought of Omaroch d'Zarnagon: hatred. Omaroch was the one who had slain Antigonus, and Belial never forgave him and swore to hunt him down. He did not spend much time with Omaroch prior to the massacre of the Order, but he never felt comfortable around him, and Omaroch felt the same. Omaroch considered Belial just a pawn in Antigonus's game and did not care what happened to him, but Belial never forgot the fated day when everything crumbled. If Belial had ever met Omaroch, he would have slain him outright, but it never came to pass because Belial was killed before he could find Omaroch. Belial's hatred had even affected his relationship with Omaroch's son Refan, which turned out sour.

Delora d'ZarnagonEdit

At first Omaroch saw Delora only as a means to please himself, and he brutally raped her. However, the time they spent together made Omaroch warm up to her, and she was one of the humans who helped him see things from a non-demonic perspective. They grew closer and eventually married, and Delora gave birth to Kareth and Refan. Omaroch's love for Delora was so strong by this point that he willingly faced his vengeful brothers just to draw their attention away from Delora and the children. Sadly Omaroch was being tortured in the Demon Realm and heard only later that Delora had apparently been killed and Kareth had been kidnapped, and he lamented that he couldn't have been there to help them in their darkest hour. Delora's death haunts Omaroch's thoughts even today.

Jahi GalluEdit

Jahi has unrequited feelings for Omaroch, the archdemon who saved her from a life in prostitution and who gave her hope and a means to take her children away from the corruption in Norash'namun. Jahi doesn't like how Omaroch chose a human, Delora, instead of another demon as a mate, but she still hopes that one day she might win Omaroch's heart even though her brain knows that's an impossible dream for someone like her.


Omaroch became acquainted with Jemuel as per Mardük's orders after Distreyd Thanadar XII had betrayed Mardük's trust. Jemuel was originally using Omaroch for his own ends but after the Cataclysm Jemuel began to respect Omaroch's loyalty, and he was one of the few who knew Omaroch's involvement in the birth of the Godslayer. Things turned more sour when Drishnek began manipulating Jemuel, but after Drishnek's defeat Jemuel regained his senses and rekindled his friendship with Omaroch whom he now sees as one of his closest companions.

Kareth d'ZarnagonEdit

The eldest son of Omaroch, Kareth was captured by the Clergy of Mardük and given a new identity known as Zarnagon. Once Omaroch returned to the world above as the demon emissary, he quickly located and contacted Zarnagon. At first Zarnagon only knew Omaroch as the mysterious Wanderer who seemed to know more about him than he thought was possible. It was thanks to these encounters that Zarnagon eventually remembered his past life one bit at a time and could break free from Distreyd XI's mind control. He found out during the climactic battle of Myridia that Omaroch was actually his father. He immediately saw his father's love as a means to fulfill his goal and pretended to help Omaroch release the dark dragon until he betrayed Omaroch at a crucial moment and merged with the dragon, creating the Godslayer in the process. Omaroch was hurt by this betrayal and barely survived, and from that day on he swore to atone for his bad deeds now that he had unleashed a terrible evil to the world.

Malakhia d'ZarnagonEdit

Malakhia had never cared much about his progeny. Omaroch messed up his plans several times, and infuriated him. Malakhia revealed that he was in fact Omaroch's father prior to their climactic duel in the Ruined Kingdom. Despite their bloodline Omaroch fought against his father and sealed him into the Dragon Diamond.

Malphas d'XuvadonEdit

Malphas sees himself as someone who has already proven his point to Omaroch whom he sees as a traitor to the demon cause. As far as he is concerned, he will become the lord of all demons and surpass Omaroch and everyone else in power. Omaroch sees Malphas as Nhrakate's lapdog who has nothing else to cling to but hatred anymore.

Nhrakate d'ZarnagonEdit

The relationship between Omaroch and his mother, Grand Duchess Nhrakate, was always strained because Omaroch was never as bloodthirsty as his brothers. Their rivalry escalated when Omaroch escaped to the outside world and reached a climax once Nhrakate found out that Omaroch had fathered halfbreed sons. Once Omaroch had been taken back to the Demon Realm, Nhrakate wasn't pleased at all and brainwashed Omaroch to work for her. The process was a success, and Omaroch served Nhrakate faithfully until Mardük's death which gave Omaroch the power to break free from Nhrakate's control. Mother and son haven't seen each other since the Cataclysm, but Omaroch fears he'll have to confront the Grand Duchess eventually.

Refan d'ZarnagonEdit

Refan has a troubled past with his father Omaroch. He saw very little of Omaroch as a child, and their reunion years later was a mysterious and frustrating experience. Omaroch's secrets only made Refan more anxious to learn why Omaroch had not come to save Delora and Kareth in time. However, when the time for the revelation came, Refan was shocked to discover that Omaroch was in fact a demon and Zarnagon was Refan's brother. Horrified by his dark family legacy, Refan fled and vowed to stay away from Omaroch. However, the recent conversations with Ax have encouraged Refan to face his past, and he is determined to confront his father one last time and talk things through. Unbeknownst to Refan, Omaroch loves him deeply as a father even if he has had a hard time showing it.


Although suspicious of each other at first, Omaroch and Richelieu befriended each other when they were on the run from Zarnagon. Although Omaroch originally acted as a liaison to introduce Richelieu to Jemuel, they got along surprisingly well, and Richelieu seemed to be one of the few clerics of Mardük who understood Omaroch. Once Omaroch had broken free from his mind control, he returned to Richelieu's side and helped him and Jemuel seal the Libaterran reactor core and beat back the rampaging Faerfolc. Richelieu helped Omaroch become one of the members of the Alentian council, and even when Richelieu became more and more eccentric over the years, Omaroch remained one of the few people who stood by his side.

Ronove ThanadarEdit

Ronove used to be Omaroch's greatest student and Dreadlord of the Central Horde. He admired Omaroch, even developing a crush on him. He was hurt by what he perceived as betrayal when he learned that Omaroch had deserted the demons and had sided with mortals. He is conflicted about what to think of Omaroch now that he has recovered his memories but so far he has only visibly treated him with disdain. Omaroch himself was at first surprised Ronove had survived, but when he was captured, he began viewing his former student with suspicion, getting downright angry at him for corrupting Refan.


After spending years as Omaroch's torturer and writing down his confession, Vassago became obsessed with him and spent much of his time learning anything he could about Omaroch. This obsession led him to help in the coup to get rid of Omaroch's surviving loyal supporters and sending assassins after Omaroch to test his strength. The short confrontation between the two in recent times aroused Vassago quite a bit, and it seems his stalker-like qualities are only getting worse the more time he spends obsessing about Omaroch who sees Vassago as someone who is trying to unravel the secrets of power via the wrong means.

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