Basic Information
Type(s) Humanoid
Lifespan Unknown
Region(s) Demon Realm (First Age)
Language(s) Ogrish, Common
Height Tall
Weight Heavy
Hair color Varies
Distinctions Tall, muscular, brutish.
Historical Information
Age First Age

Ogres were a brutish race native to the Demon Realm. Scholars studying demon history believe that the ogres may have been the bandits or monsters that harassed the more peaceful demons until Mardük appeared in the form of Wolf of Chaos to fight against them. According to the Book of Kagetsu, ogres and demons were brought to the Land of the Living to fight in the War of the Gods until they were returned back to their home realm although this seems to contradict with other accounts such as the Legend of the Three Brothers which claims that Demon Realm didn't get involved with other realms until the Chaos War.

Whatever the truth is, after Mardük's descent into madness, the transformed and corrupted demons attacked and slew anyone who called them monsters in their home realm, and this very likely included ogres too. It's unknown if any ogre survived the onslaught and if their race survived to the present day.

The legacy of the ogres, which invading demons of the First Age might've brought with them, would live on among the Ryuugumi and the Yamatians who treated ogres as mythic monsters just like many other nations treated trolls. The name of the pirate ship Big Ugly Ogre was inspired by the legend of ogres, and the First Age hero Big Ogre Umaro got his name thanks to his immense strength and beastly looks.

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