The Ofuchi Usurpation was an event in the Second Age. King Derek of Grandbell was overthrown by Taro Ofuchi, a black shaman, and Ofuchi was hunted down by a band of merry men including Raistlin II, Leon Alcibiates, and Hiroshi Hayabusa.


Shamanic mage Taro Ofuchi had used mind control to enslave several Ryuugumians under his will, including the samurai Hiroshi Hayabusa. During that time, Hiroshi served as Ofuchi's apprentice. When Ofuchi deposed and killed King Derek of Grandbell who he had ostensibly served as an advisor, his attention was diverted enough to allow Hiroshi to break free. Hiroshi stole Krystallopyr, a magical artifact which was the most valuable of Ofuchi's possessions, and fled the shaman's tower.


Hiroshi met up with Leon Alcibiates during his journey and resolved to slay Ofuchi and end his reign. Along the way, they met several other people such as Raistlin II and Megumi Nakamura and formed a fellowship. Unbeknownst to them, Megumi was in fact a double agent working for Ofuchi and had been tasked with stealing Krystallopyr back. However, her mission got complicated when she and Hiroshi fell in love. In the end Megumi couldn't resist Ofuchi's power and stole Krystallopyr, making Ofuchi himself appear and kill her in front of the fellowship.

Although Ofuchi had intended this double betrayal to shatter the heroes' resolve, it instead made Hiroshi more determined than ever to end his reign. Hiroshi would spend time in Raistlin's tower and study ancient Andain spells and anything else that could be of use against a mage of Ofuchi's caliber.

In the end, the fellowship managed to sneak into Ofuchi's tower where they confronted the black shaman himself as well as his servant Drishnek. Hiroshi was able to defeat Ofuchi by casting a White Shamanic spell, Shiropýr. Shiropýr was written by Kagetsu I for use by Andain. Since Hiroshi was mortal, casting the spell cost him his life, but he took Ofuchi with him, and thus he fulfilled the First Law of the Andain. Only Krystallopyr remained behind.


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When Taro Ofuchi killed King Derek during the Ofuchi Usurpation, nobody of the nobility was strong enough to assert a solid claim to the throne, and several provinces declared independence in the years since Ofuchi's death. One of such provinces, Alenia, and its queen Adevia eventually became more hostile and began the Grandbell Civil War.

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