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The Oath of Order is a hand-and-a-half sword owned by Osmond Cordae Locke, which was passed down from his father and his father before him and so on. Its origins are unknown to the Locke Family, however.


Forged in the depths of time by a man who has been forgotten, this sword was passed down his line for millennia, eventually ending up in the hands of Osmond Locke.

Powers and Properties[]

The sword appears capable of sustaining magic power, though for what purpose is unknown. The blade has managed to survive for several thousand years, and it appears to be indestructible, or as close as makes no difference.

The enchantment might be the source of the sword's apparent indestructibility. Unarmored and without a shield, Osmond was able to block the strikes of an over-large, old wyvern flying at near top-speed.


"This blade is proof of my Oath to Mardük, and shall be my Heirloom. Whosoever wieldeth this blade doth swear a heartfelt Oath to uphold the Life Balance whither they go."
—Runic inscription down each fuller, translated from the god-script

Fairly plain furnishings and crossguard, octagonal pommel, plain, worn old sheath. The blade, however, is smooth to the touch, sharp, and the center of each side is covered in runes that Osmond, and his father Oscar as well, for that matter, have been unable to decipher.

Even before adding the magical energy into the blade, it was always shinier than most swords. Now that an amount of magical power is filling the blade, it shines divinely golden on its own.


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