Nozomi Mizushima
Status: Alive
Age: 20
Race: Kitsune
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue

Nozomi Mizushima, also known as Lark, is a member of the Birds of Prey in the Imperial City in the Fourth Age. She and her twin brother Zetsubou Kobayashi ended up in the care of the Birds of Prey after the Catastrophe and became loyal members of the gang of youths as a result.


Third AgeEdit

Nozomi and her twin brother Zetsubou Kobayashi were born as the children of the rogue kitsune pair Haruko Mizushima and Katsutoshi Kobayashi during the Battle of Malperdy in late Third Age. She served as the host of the goddess Laverna until the Battle of Devilfish Strait when Laverna left her body to confront the goddess Tiamat in Devilfish Strait.

Nozomi and Zetsubou were taken to Alent by the party who had taken them and, after a series of events and the deaths of many of the kidnappers, were abandoned in the aftermath of the Catastrophe. With their parents missing, they were raised by thieves who would be known as the Birds of Prey.

Fourth AgeEdit

Interim YearsEdit

After the founding of the Imperial City at the dawn of the Fourth Age, Nozomi and Zetsubou lived among the Birds of Prey and were given bird nicknames for identification. Nozomi became Lark and formed a friendship with fellow young thief Farah Sand, or Wren, treating the girl with kindness. Nozomi and Zetsubou hid their kitsune identities out of worry given how the Birds disliked demons, and instead posed as humans.

Over the years the oprhaned or castaway children adopted by the thieves grew up into young adults and became skilled thieves who would work to improve their living conditions while living outside the rules of the Andarian Empire.

Herald of the DawnEdit

After hearing about her fellow rogue Farah Sand's disappearance from the demon child Vesna who had come to ask for the Birds' help, Lark decided to take the girl to the Rookery, the Birds' hideout, to hear her out in the company of fellow thieves.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Her nickname in the Birds of Prey.
What she is called. Her name means Hope.

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