Nota Town
Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) Not a town
Type Settlement
Region Western Remon
Size Village
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Humans (until 1017 AE), Undead (since 1017 AE)
Political Information
Faction(s) Wretched (since 1017 AE)
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Nota Town (pronounced like 'know-ta') is not really a town, but aspires to be. It was a very, very small fishing community (about 3-4 families) located in a bay on the Remon West Coast. The Fellowship of Magestar arrived there during the Great War as the village was obscure and they didn't want to immediately attract attention by arriving in a large port city. The fishing community grew into a small village since the Cataclysm but has fallen to the Wretched after the outbreak of the Plague of Undeath.

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