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The area around the cave was filled with bunnies, hence why the travelers caught and ate them. There were bunnies of all varieties, color and size and age and personality. They were all, of course, enraged and frightened at these cruel new people that had intruded upon their area and were eating them, sometimes eating them alive.

When the mad scientist had caught Bunny and infused her with human intelligence many bunny years ago, her communication with other bunnies had also improved. After all, bunnies weren't normally such a social species, except to get together and make babies a lot of the time.

It didn't take Bunny long to find and communicate with a few key bunny and rabbit comrades. It didn't take them long to gather all the other bunnies they knew. It didn't take those bunnies long to find more bunnies. And so on, and so forth.

The humans who climbed up the rocks had been there for many hours. It was a taxing climb, after all. And it was just enough time for Bunny to gather up her mass of bunny warriors. There were hundreds and hundreds of bunnies from miles and miles around. Bunny briefed them all in bunny speak, and some of them bared their teeth back at her to indicate their anger. It didn't really bother Bunny that some of her kin looked too evil to be considered normal. This area of the country were known for its evil mutated bunnies...


Armeas Munchausen looked into the horizon and was surprised to see masses of tiny dots filling it, and coming toward him. It took him a while to realize that they were bunnies, not unlike the ones from his dream. "Oh... gods," he gasped, then frantically pinched himself in hopes that he was still in his nightmare.

He wasn't that lucky. Several other humans and a jaguar stood up, not quite believing what they were seeing.

"What the..." Bawb started. The rest of what he was saying was drowned out as the horde of bunnies rushed past him. To the group's surprise, the bunnies were not harming them. They were simply heading toward the cave, hopping up the steep incline easily.


Before Rastus could answer, Luan cried out. He had been looking past the cave entrance. "Oh my god, BUNNIES!" he screamed.

"What the hell!" Reven exclaimed. Bunnies were filing into the cave from all angles, surrounding the group. They bared their teeth and glared with evil eyes, as if challenging the group's courage in eating their kin. An especially evil looking bunny jumped toward Luan, teeth bared and ready to bite. Then they attacked.


From her safe spot in the hidden grass, Bunny laughed in an evil bunny-like fashion.

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