Northern Horde
The flag of the Northern Horde
Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Duchy of Northern Yamato
Symbol Dark star on a field of red
Government Duchy
Title of leader
  • Duke
  • Devourer
Leader(s) Malphas d'Xuvadon
Title of lieutenant Dreadlord
Geographic Information
Base Vanna (since 1017 AE)
Other strongholds Vulpengaard Keep (until 1017 AE)
Member races Demons
Allies Eastern Horde (tenuously)
Enemies Akai Tora, Eastern Horde, Magicracy of Alent, Southern Horde, Sultanate of Karaganda, Western Horde
Historical Information
Age Third Age
Preceded by Yamato Empire

The Northern Horde is one of the four demon hordes in the Grand Duchy of Yamato. The leader of the horde is Duke Malphas d'Xuvadon, Lord of the Duchy of Northern Yamato. The demons of the horde are known to be very bloodthirsty, and they enjoy battles and want to grow stronger so that they can face more powerful opponents. The horde also utilizes quite a few "lesser beings" such as dwarves, elves and humans as slaves, although some skilled individuals can reach higher ranks within the horde after they have proven themselves in battle.

The horde succeeded in taking over Vanna after a lengthy siege and is currently gathering its forces in order to invade Central Libaterra and Alent.

Armor and emblemsEdit

The soldiers of the Northern Horde wear predominately red armor. This signifies their bloodlust as well as their experience in fighting amidst the blood of their enemies.

The overall flag of both the Northern Horde and Clan d'Xuvadon is a dark star on a field of red. There are also some banners for certain commanders such as a dark claw on a field of red for Dreadlord Leraje Thanadar and Ronove Thanadar and a red head of a wolf on a field of black for Tribune Distreyd Thanadar XIII.



Name Strength Constituent Units Commander Equivalent Rank
Horde 125,000+ 5+ armies (5+ x 25,000) Dreadlord Field Marshal
Army 25,000 5 legions (5 x 5,000) Strategos General
Legion 5,000 10 cohorts (10 x 500) Legate Colonel
Cohort 500 5 centuries (5 x 100) Tribune Captain
Century 100 10 decuries (10 x 10) Centurion Lieutenant
Decury 10 10 soldiers Decurion Sergeant

War machinesEdit

Strategos Flavius Severus is also known as the Besieger and for a good reason. Not only is he a brilliant general, but he is also an architect and engineer and knows how to build deadly war machines. He has become an expert on sieges after years of servitude within the ranks of the Northern Horde. He has been seen using catapults and ballistae among other things against his opponents, but his most dreadful creation yet is a giant siege tower named Helepolis, the Taker of Cities, which he used in the siege of Vanna with great results.

Notable membersEdit

  • Leraje Thanadar - former Dreadlord and Malphas's second-in-command (before the Battle of Vanna)
  • Malphas d'Xuvadon - Duke and overall leader of the Northern Horde
  • Ronove Thanadar - current Dreadlord and Malphas's second-in-command (after the Battle of Vanna)

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