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Northern Continent
Geographic Information
Region(s) North in the Land of the Living
Societal Information
Language(s) Common, Infernal
Race(s) Bouda, Demons, Dragons, Dryads, Dwarves, Elves, Gargoyles, Goblins, Harpies, Humans, Nymphs, Sirens, Sirithai, Trolls
Historical Information
Age Fourth Age
Preceded by
Northern Remon
Maar Sulais continent
Libaterran continent
Yamatian archipelago

The Northern Continent is a large landmass north in the Land of the Living in the Fourth Age. It formed after the Catastrophe and encompasses the former Third Age regions of Northern Remon, Maar Sul, Scundia, Libaterra, and Yamato.


The Northern Continent is divided into three large regions which are Western Northern Continent, Central Northern Continent, and Eastern Northern Continent.

Western Northern Continent[]

The Western Northern Continent contains a large mountain range, tundra and arctic forests. It is rumored to contain the ancient dwarf homelands named the Kingdom of Drithenspire although no news have been heard if the dwarves of Drithenspire survived the Catastrophe and the invasion of the Wretched undead.

The kingdoms of East Maar Sul and West Maar Sul briefly formed a truce in the Maar Sulais civil war to build a wall at the mountain range separating the former area of Northern Remon from Maar Sulais grasslands. The land beyond the wall contains the roaming undead whom both nations have deemed a greater threat to humanity.


Currently known sovereign states of the Western Northern Continent include (clockwise from the west):

Central Northern Continent[]

The Central Northern Continent contains a large grasslands to the west named the Khitan Steppes which is rumored to contain the Khitan Khanate. The central areas are divided between the Kingdoms of West Maar Sul and East Maar Sul while the Kingdom of Scundia lies in the southeast. There is a possibility that, due to the costly Maar Sulais civil war, some small princedoms or smaller city-states might exist here and there beyond Maar Sulais rule.


Currently known sovereign states of the Central Northern Continent include (clockwise from the west):

Eastern Northern Continent[]

The Eastern Northern Continent encompasses the region beginning east of Scundia's lake and stretching all the way to the continent's eastern coast. Due to the region's rich history dating from the Third Age, it contains many competing kingdoms, princedoms and city-states which have risen in the power vacuum caused by the fall of the old factions since the Catastrophe.


Currently known sovereign states of the Eastern Northern Continent include (clockwise from the west):

  • South
    • Ebon Empire
      • Emperor and Shogun
    • Second Yamato Empire
      • Emperor and Shogun


Currently chronicled locations of the Eastern Northern Continent include (clockwise from the west):

  • West:
    • Glory's Arm
      • Two mountain ranges shielding the Free City of Trinity Gask.
    • Serpentine Pass
      • A coastal road running between Southern Portiguara and what was once Northern Yamato, flanked by ocean on one side and mountains on the other.
    • Survivor's Woods
      • An enchanted forest west of Trinity Gask, said to contain untold wonders and terrors. Contains the ruins of the former nymph town of Elysium. Inhabited by the enigmatic dryads.
  • North:
    • The Eyes
      • Two large mountain ranges surrounding the Free City of Etheril. The western mountains shield the Kingdom of Tevinth on the outside and the troll kingdom of Troldhaugen on the inside, while the eastern mountains shield the County of Goldshire. Supposedly the highest mountain top on the eastern range contains the roost of the Ice Dragon.

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