Nobuhiro Ofuchi
Status: Dead
Age: 37 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Samurai
Nation: Grandbell
Era: Second Age
"Wasn't there another who once bore the name of Redeemer, in the time of the Civil War of Grandbell?"
"Although Hiro Redeemer succeeded in installing Sir Lysander as King of Grandbell, still his intent failed, for in the transitional period, Miletos exploded in fire, and the Kingdom fell. For this failure, our dishonor has increased."
Leon Alcibiates and Kazuya Ofuchi about Nobuhiro

Nobuhiro Ofuchi, also known as Hiro Redeemer, was a member of the Ofuchi Clan who wished to redeem the dishonor brought upon his family's name by Taro Ofuchi's usurpation of the throne of Grandbell. To emphasize this mission Nobuhiro and his descendants did not use the Ofuchi family name and went by "Redeemer" instead. Nobuhiro was successful in installing Lysander Trathiel as the King of Grandbell, but failed to protect him in the Explosion. Thus the dishonor increased and the line remained unredeemed, and as a way to atone for his failure Nobuhiro committed seppuku after the king's death.


One of Nobuhiro's descendants, Miyuki Ofuchi, would eventually redeem the clan and restore honour to its name by helping Leon Alcibiates restore the world tree as the Silverbranch Tree and save Yamato from the Landpoison.

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