"I be Bashkar Trott, and I be representin' Arawn Losstarot. I also be a poet and I didn't even noet."
"Arawn Losstarot?? How dare you?!?!"
"What? Ye actually thought ye could have a War Council without includin' representation of the guy who put all the effort into startin' the war? That wouldn't be fair now, would it?""
Bashkar Trott and Finwald

The New Honeth Summit took place in Honeth, the capital of Verdane, in the Second Age during the Arawn Losstarot War. Representatives from the kingdoms of Augustia, Grandbell, Isaac, Maar Sul, Manster, Thracia and Verdane convened in what became known as the Council of the Grand Alliance to discuss the growing threat of the warlock Arawn Losstarot and his Mullencamp army and whether the kingdoms could unite forces in an alliance to thwart Arawn's plans for world domination. The discussions initially led into heated arguments as the kingdoms' delegates argued in favour of their own interests, but eventually most of the kingdoms agreed to form a Grand Alliance and begin a campaign against Arawn.


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The tables assigned for the kingdoms had three delegates each, with some exceptions.

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