Geographic Information
Capital Nefarious
Societal Information
Race(s) Humans
Demonym(s) Nefarite
Political Information
Government Monarchy
King Renu
Historical Information
Age First Age
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Blank.png Empire of Alent
Lea Monde Blank.png

Nefarious was a nation in the First Age and had a capital of the same name. Its ruler was Renu who discovered it with his band of thieves and took over its ruins.



The origins of Nefarious remain unknown. It is believed by historians that it may have been built by dwarves in the early First Age during the era of the Empire of Alent.

Rule of ThievesEdit

Renu was once apart of a group thieves, known as the Evil Clan. Soon they deserted each other, each of them going on their own separate paths, choosing their destinies. Renu traveled the lands and gave up being a thief. He stumbled about on a mysterious continent. Someone had told him treasure was there and he wanted an adventure.

One day he came across a pile of rock as if it were put there on purpose while he searched the last great mountain. He removed most of the rocks in a few days. A great metallic door stood in the mountain. The door was not easy to open. On one side was a control panel. He quickly figured it out and the door opened. Squeaking, clanging, it opened, and before his eyes was amazement: a great underground city. However, no one was here. It appeared to be deserted although Renu couldn't figure out why.

Despite this ominous discovery, Renu saw how useful having a hidden underground city could be. He spread word slowly but surely, and within a few years about 10 to 20 wanders came about and joined him, one of them being Rage. With his strength they rebuilt the kingdom in a year and soon more people came to what had been advertised as the land of endless opportunities. The city ended up having about 5,000 people living in it, all of them outcasts from the outer world.

Involvement in WarEdit

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When Renu died in the Cardian War, Sydney Losstarot usurped power in Nefarious and renamed the nation Lea Monde. The leaders of the Alliance could do nothing to stop him at the time because they were busy fighting against Jemuel in the Cardian War.

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