Status: Dead
Age: 200 (at time of death)
Race: Elf (formerly)
Gender: Female
Class: Red Mage
Nation: Remon
Era: Third Age
"And all paths are drowned deep in shadow."
—Namarië to Jhain

Namarië was an arachnid monster whom a group led by Axikasha Keiran faced in the dungeons of Myridia's castle during the First Great War. She used to be a Remonian elfess and one of Zarnagon's many test subjects who had been used to experiment on a new, deadly plague of magical origin which Zarnagon had originally discovered in Folsworth Woods. In the end she begged Ax's group to kill her and thus release her from her torment. Jhain, the elf in Ax's group, did as the creature asked, and Namarië died content.


Early YearsEdit

"This creature we see here was once one of my kin: a Remonian elfess, stripped of her beauty and forced to become a twisted puppet of Zarnagon."
Jhain about Namarië

Namarië's birth name is unknown. What is known that she was born as an elfess somewhere in Folsworth Woods in Remon. She and many other elves were captured by the Clergy of Mardük and taken in as prisoners who eventually ended up in the hands of the dark cleric Zarnagon who began experimenting on them with a mysterious plague of magical origin.

Distreyd EraEdit

"I am not the only one who suffered. The sorcerer...he did horrible things to others of my kin and had no remorse. He is a true servant of Mardük. Yet, even in the deepest darkness of his black soul there is a glimmer of light. I saw his thoughts as our minds connected, and at that moment I realized everything is not lost. The sorcerer is as much in pain as my kin and I are, but he does not show it. He is cruel but only because he is helpless within...helpless to prevent what is to come while he is yearning for one thing he has always been searching for."
"What do you mean? There is no light in the heart of Zarnagon! He and all the followers of the God of Chaos are evil!"
"Please, mellon, end my suffering. I have been in pain for so long...too long...His eyes are burning, always burning, forcing me to go on, forcing me to kill, slaughter, murder. I cannot resist much longer. He will find me soon, and I wish not to be found."
—Namarië and Jhain

A task force from the Grand Alliance led by Axikasha Keiran infiltrated the dungeons of Myridia to find a way into the castle to locate the missing magic sword Dawn. They encountered the mutated Namarië and her horde of spiders there and fought her.

During the battle, Namarië recognized one of the group members, Jhain, as a Remonian elf. She briefly managed to calm down her bloodlust and greeted Jhain with an Elvish phrase, begging him and the group to kill her. She also cryptically told them that she had seen into Zarnagon's mind and that he wasn't as evil as people thought he was. Although the fellowship was distraught by the revelation that the arachnid could speak and had once been an elven test subject, they soon resumed fighting her as Namarië lost control of herself and attacked them again.


"Remember, always search for light even in...the deepest darkness. Therein lies...redemption. Thank you, mellon, for your kindness. Namarië..."
—Namarië to Jhain

Eventually the fellowship defeated Namarië and Jhain ended her life with his arrows, putting an end to the elfess's tormented existence and blessing her with a Cardian prayer for her soul.


The encounter shook Jhain deeply, making him ponder what Namarië had meant when she had referred to the light of redemption and Zarnagon. Although Namarië had referred to Zarnagon, she had also mentioned burning eyes and a shadow with which she meant something else which she had seen in her visions, but the fellowship didn't notice the cryptic reference as they were too busy trying to survive and locate Dawn.

Namarië had been one of many test subjects affected with the mystic plague. These test results would later end up in the hands of the Totenkopfs who would continue testing the plague on various living creatures and people, which would eventually lead to the outbreak of the Plague of Undeath over a decade later.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Ax's group never learned the elfess's real name. However, Jhain gave her the honorary name Namarië which in Elvish meant Farewell.

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