Murderous mountain goat
Basic Information
Creator deity Shakkan
Type(s) Beast
Lifespan Unknown
Region(s) Libaterra (Third Age)
Height Medium
Weight Medium
Skin color grey
Distinctions Meat-eating, agile goats who overwhelm their prey with their sheer numbers.
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Murderous mountain goats are a meat-eating, crazed breed of goats that live at the Ranger's Despair mountain range in Libaterra in the Third Age. They attack travellers foolish enough to enter their territory and are quite fierce opponents to face even for a well-armed group. They can be frightened with illusions, however, although they soon regroup and return to continue the hunt. Why these goats became the the beasts they are remains unknown to this day although some scholars suspect that Shakkan, the God of Beasts, had to have something to do with it.

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