Mungo-Mungo Coconuts Boonana I "BONKERS"
Status: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Race: Monkey
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Aison
Faction: Monkey Land

King Mungo-Mungo Coconuts Boonana I, formerly known as Boonana and later known as BONKERS, was the founder and first ruler of Monkey Land in Aison. He was formerly known as Boonana, the pet monkey of Bashkar the pirate, and survived the Explosion with help from a magical artifact known as the Unbent Banana. Coming in contact with the artifact's magic gave him great power and allowed him to presumably transcend, and he began calling himself the monkey god BONKERS from that day onward. His mortal children would rule the Boonana dynasty for generations while he'd use his powers to shield Banana City from the outside world and watch over his primate subjects. When the Unbent Banana was stolen, BONKERS's powers weakened, and he transferred his remaining power to the weakest person he could find, Vauldorf Springer, hoping to one day reclaim his power with Vauldorf's help. However, Vauldorf turned out to be an idiot of epic proportions, so accomplishing the task turned out to be nigh impossible for the weakened monkey god who was stuck in his body and could only influence his actions a little.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

His name as the monkey god.
What he was called while he was Bashkar's pet monkey.
Mungo-Mungo Coconuts Boonana I
His title as the King of Monkey Land.

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