Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Race: Faerfolc
Gender: Female
Class: Red Mage
Nation: Libaterra
Faction: Faerfolc
"We withdrew from cities that don't interest us because our anger at being imprisoned was assuaged in blood. We have no interest in mortal affairs, but we are back for good and we will brook no interference in ours!"
—Morrigan to Leon Alcibiates

Morrigan is an ancient and powerful member of the Faerfolc and is in opposition to the rebellious, bloodthirsty fey such as Curdardh. After the Faerfolc Rampage, she disappeared into the forests of Libaterra where she lived with some of her surviving kin. She met the Fellowship of Maar Sul who were on their way to the Silverbranch Tree. After a brief exchange of words, she allowed the fellowship to pass and uttered a cryptic warning to Leon Alcibiates about the challenges the fellowship had yet to face. She then relocated to Illunii where she ruled the elves of the Celenian Forest with Domnhull and interacted with the Dresdens whom she rewarded with freedom after they had helped defeat Curdardh and saved Illunii from the Eastern Horde.


Early YearsEdit

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Godslayer EraEdit

A Crimson DawnEdit

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Fool's ErrandEdit

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Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Pale Lady
A common nickname used for Morrigan.
Phantom Queen of the Pale Moon
Morrigan's title.


Morrigan is beautiful like a cold winter morning and despite her youthful appearance is ancient. She often prefers appearing as a smoky figure atop a pale steed to intimidate anyone who intrudes her domain.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Morrigan shows gratitude to those who have aided her but she tends to stay neutral in conflicts. She is willing to defend herself brutally if necessary and isn't afraid of spilling innocent blood. However, her bloodlust tamed after the Faerfolc Rampage, and she is willing to listen to trespassers as long as they show her proper respect.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Morrigan is a powerful fey, demonstrated when she easily knocked the powerful Despard Silverbranch down with a simple gesture of her hand. She possesses powerful magic who can even put experienced mages to shame.



Morrigan considers Curdardh a brute who should've stopped killing people years ago. However, she doesn't actively oppose him as long as he lets the other fey and forests stay in peace. Curdardh, on the other hand, sees the likes of Morrigan as cowards who refuse to continue to take back what he considers rightfully theirs.

Leon AlcibiatesEdit

Although Morrigan seemed cold towards Leon at first and even berated him for trying to persuade her to help the fellowship, she did remember that he had set her kin free and thus she granted a boon which made the fellowship temporarily invisible to demon eyes during their excursion to Yamato. However, she also told Leon that from that moment on they were even and that she would not provide any aid to him unless he was willing to help her in return.

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