Megumi Nakamura
Status: Dead
Age: 20 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Ryuugumi
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Nation: Grandbell
Faction: Ryuugumi
Era: Second Age
"I didn't know you for that long. But there was something special about you. A kindness in your eyes I saw only in my Lord Emperor. May the spirits bless you, Megumi Nakamura. In my own way...I love you."
Hiroshi Hayabusa at Megumi's grave

Megumi Nakamura was an agent of Taro Ofuchi in the Second Age. Ofuchi had used a Mind Control spell on her and had ordered her to steal the magic sword Krystallopyr from the samurai Hiroshi Hayabusa during the events of the Ofuchi Usurpation. Megumi managed to gain Hiroshi's trust, but there was also an unforseen consequence: they fell in love.

However, Ofuchi's mind control forced Megumi to steal the sword and when she got back, Ofuchi brutally killed her and teleported her back to the heroes' nightcamp to die in Hiroshi's arms. Even though Megumi warned Hiroshi in her last breath to not go after Ofuchi who would kill him, the samurai had decided otherwise. He buried the girl and bid her farewell, saying that he loved her.

Megumi's death only fueled Hiroshi's determination instead of weakening him, and the samurai eventually confronted Ofuchi in the mage tower in a fierce duel. Megumi's love for Hiroshi was so great that she contacted him from the Land of the Dead, and with her love Hiroshi was able to use the power of Krystallopyr and kill Ofuchi by utilizing the First Law of the Andain.

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