Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Northern Libaterra
Size Large town
Societal Information
Language(s) Elvish
Race(s) Elves
Ethnic group(s) Fraquid
Religion(s) Gormin, Ito
Political Information
Government Duchy
Faction(s) Guardians of Traquine, House of Medinan
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Medina is the Fraquid's weaponry central. Since the Fraquid dislike the use of other race's weapons, this is where most, if not all, of their weapons are forged. Its ruling tribe is Medinan (pronounced: Med-ee-nan).

Contains: Fraquid Black smith, Fraquid Armor smith, Fraquid Sword smith, Fraquid Weapon smith, Fraquid Carpenter, Fraquid Artificer, Fraquid Enchanter's, Fraquid Equipment shop, Healing houses, Druid's altar, Mage's circle, Cleric's coterie, Markets, Public houses, Inns, Docks.

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