Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Southwestern Maar Sul
Size Large city
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Humans
Political Information
Government Kleptocracy
Ruler(s) Lord Vesuvius Matheson
Faction(s) Matheson Crime Family
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Matheson is a merchant city in Southern Maar Sul and home of the Matheson Crime Family which is officially known as the "legitimate" company Matheson and Sons. The city is a bitter rival of the fellow merchant city Jardine. Their rivalry culminated in Matheson taking over Jardine in 1017 AE by forcing Amarawyn Jardine to marry Galeras Matheson, but this scheme was later foiled by the Grand Alliance.

Matheson has also secretly funded the Proninist Party during the Proninist invasion of Maar Sul, and this fact has only recently been made known to the House of Aurelac who have yet to respond to this act of high treason.

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