Status: Alive
Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin
Nation: Libaterra
Faction: Magicracy of Alent
Era: Third Age

Marcuccio is a paladin in the Magicracy of Alent. He's a friend of Javan al-Kassis, and the two men share a history together that goes way back.


Early YearsEdit

Marcuccio met Javan al-Kassis sometime after Javan had come to Alent. The two became close friends and had rather wild years in their youths. Eventually he trained to become a paladin and became quite knowledgeable about restorative remedies, which made him a respected healer while he devoted himself to the Magicracy of Alent's cause.

Godslayer EraEdit

A Cry in the DarkEdit

"Tell me Javan, are you in any trouble?"
"The best kind of trouble."
"I hate it when you say that."
—Marcuccio and Javan al-Kassis

Marcuccio was helping the injured when many Alentians got hurt during the time the magic fires spread throughout the city. He was briefly reunited with Javan who quickly headed off to Threshold despite Marcuccio's warnings. Afterwards Marcuccio gave Serene some clothes and explained to Jonathan Seneron what he knew about Javan's connections to Threshold.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What he's called.


A bespectacled man with black skin, dark, somewhat purple-ish hair, and ordinary healer clothing.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Quite serious but does share a certain sense of fun and easygoing-ness around the seedier elements of the world due to his childhood. He cares for his friends' wellbeing and often acts as the more rational member in his group of friends.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He's a paladin and dabbles in some restorative remedies.


Javan al-KassisEdit

Marcuccio is a bit more of a serious guy than Javan, but both share a certain sense of fun and easygoing-ness around the seedier elements of the world due to their childhoods. He's just typically the one who had to rein in Javan's more short sighted actions in their youth. He still has some concern that Javan's got issues that he let's run his life, but less so in recent years.

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