Marco Vargal
Status: Alive
Age: 39
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Andaria
Era: Fourth Age

Marco Vargal is the second-in-command of a mercenary band known as the Bold Brigade in the Fourth Age. He is often the voice of reason compared to his boss Arl Sandersen.


Early YearsEdit

Marco was a soldier during the Second Great War in late Third Age, fighting on the side of the Crimson Coalition. After the war, he met his wife Cara and bought a farm in Andaria.

Marco and Cara had four children together. In later years they had financial difficulties and were close to losing the farm. Arl Sandersen, a friend of the Vargal Family, offered Marco to become the second-in-command of his new mercenary band, which Marco accepted to save his farm. They ended up doing various odd jobs in several nations for several people during this time, getting to know the Goodfellas as well as Zion.

Fourth AgeEdit

Herald of the DawnEdit

Along with the rest of the Bold Brigade, Marco was ordered by Sheriff Rimfire Remington to arrest a group of Sarilstad's gate guards after a sudden attack at the city centre. Following this mission, the Bold Brigade received two missions from Queen Desdemona Sarillius, with Marco taking 1/3 of the men to go spy on the troops movements in Andaria while Arl took the rest and escorted Princess Alexandra Sarillius to Alexandria.

While on the way to the Imperial City, Marco stopped at the family farm to check up on Cara and their children. He learned that their eldest son Biran Vargal had joined one of the High Legions, which made him ponder if he and his son would ever end up on opposite sides should Zion and Andaria ever go to war while his contract was up.

Marco and his men eventually arrived in the Imperial City and met with his old business associate Mario Lardo, boss of the Goodfellas. In exchange for Mario giving Marco information about what the High Legions were up to, Mario asked Marco to uncover details and whereabouts of a pair of women who may have had something to do with the brutal deaths of his men at the Nymphaeum Baths.

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